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A wine lover’s dream Hotel Rathaus Vienna Wine & Design

Traveling to Vienna Austria soon? We've found the perfect Vienna hotel for wine lovers or anyone who enjoys traveling in style and enjoying their holidays in awesome small boutique hotels. Discover this one to make your Vienna trip unforgettable. #vienna #austria

We went to Vienna, Austria for two reasons. To enjoy the charming architecture and to get to know one of the most loved cultures, the wine culture. There’s no better place where to do it than Vienna and Hotel Rathaus Vienna Wine & Design.

The wine industry in Vienna promotes the cultural identity of the city also being one of the most important economic cornerstones for the city. And how could it not be? No other capital city in the world has more vineyards than Vienna. Vineyards are an integral part of the city’s landscape.

The very best way how to get to know and love the Vienna art of the wine culture is to live it every day. And I literally mean – to live it.

So we lived it at the Hotel Rathaus Vienna Wine & Design, the greatest wine hotel in Vienna, Austria.

A Wine lover's dream Hotel Rathaus Vienna Wine & Design

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The Vibe

Hotel Rathaus Vienna Wine & Design is a lovely 4-star boutique hotel, located in the peaceful and very central Josefstadt neighborhood. It’s only a short walking distance away from the greatest attractions of Vienna, such as the world-famous Museums Quartier and the charming old town. The Rathaus Metro Station is also only 5 min walk away, easily connecting the hotel with the rest of the city.

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The external facade of the hotel is no different from other residential style buildings in Vienna. However, taking the first steps into the hotel’s lobby, contemporary, clear and thought-out design that includes different elements of the wine theme is revealed.

The wine vibes are all over the place and represent the owners of the hotel, the Fleischhaker family and their vinophile philosophy of the hotel.

The hotel has 40 rooms. 39 of them are dedicated to local wineries or winemakers and one to a distillery. Each of the rooms represents its own wine variety.  Doors of each room have a special wine brand emblem and a small description of the wine and its inventor.


A wine lover's dream Hotel Rathaus Vienna Wine & Design

For us, beginners in the world of wine, this was a perfect adventure, walking around the hotel corridors and getting to know the various wine brands in such a unique way. I’ve never seen anything so creative in any of the hotels before. Hotel Rathaus Vienna Wine & Design definitely is a real wonderland for the wine lovers!

Creativity like this is just one of the many things why people love Vienna.

A Wine lover's dream Hotel Rathaus Vienna Wine & DesignThe Room

The wine theme

We had a chance to stay in the room dedicated to the Austrian winemaker Heidi Schröck. A choice of premium wines from this winemaker and a couple of nice snacks, that fits perfectly with these particular wines are available in the minibar at all times. The wine bottles are not just in minibar though, but also in special holders by the bed. A fun element of the room design.

A Wine lover's dream Hotel Rathaus Vienna Wine & Design
Wine bottles at your fingertips anytime – a creative solution perfectly fitting into the interior.

The Sleep

The rooms are great! I liked the original modern design, bright colors and large windows that always creates a bright and pleasant mood in sometimes gray winter days. There is a minimalist style interior, perfectly reflecting the Scandinavian design.

My room portrays a very original layout – a wooden wall mechanism with doors on both sides. When closing both doors, the wooden wall completely isolates the bedroom from the bathroom and the entrance area.

A Wine lover's dream Hotel Rathaus Vienna Wine & Design

The central piece of the room is the world-famous blue-check bed from Hästens. With the bed design elements – built-in wine holders into the bead stand on each side of the bed, it offers a very comfy sleep with soft blankets and pillows and you fall asleep instantly. Maybe wine helps with that too a bit.

Another cherry on top of the interior is the cool chair. At the first glance, it’s hard to say if it’s even meant for sitting or is it just a large origami made out of a blanket.


A wine lover's dream Hotel Rathaus Vienna Wine & Design

The chair is a double win actually – a cool design element as well as an actual comfy chair. There’s nothing better than chilling in this soft chair with a premium glass of wine in your hand after a long day out in Vienna. Maybe even better than being in a Vienna cafe and wine bar.

The Bathroom

I was very pleased with the spacious room but when I saw the bathroom I was jumping around in joy!  A comfortable and functionally thought-out space to every smallest detail. And of course, the big wall-sized mirror with a built-in decorative lighting is every girl’s dream. What could be better?!

I highly appreciate the use of natural materials in the bathroom elements, such as a built-in wooden shelf around the sink. It creates a cozy home feeling.

A Wine lover's dream Hotel Rathaus Vienna Wine & Design
These nicely scented quality products can even be bought to take home with you

Hotel Rathaus Vienna Wine & Design is the first hotel that managed to surprise me with their creative solution to the lifelong hotel problem – “which one is my towel and which one is yours?”. “Did you use my towel?”. Sounds familiar when sharing a hotel room with somebody else, doesn’t it?

A Wine lover's dream Hotel Rathaus Vienna Wine & Design

The hotel has come up with a perfect yet simple solution – each set of towels is in different colors. It works perfectly. No more towel wars!

A Wine lover's dream Hotel Rathaus Vienna Wine & DesignThe Taste


A lovely breakfast buffet with a choice of healthy, high-quality products. My favorite things about the breakfast are the vegetarian and vegan options for the guests. It includes also organic and gluten-free products.

The Wine bar

Every evening from 16:00 to 23:00 you can taste the best Austrian premium wines in the hotel’s wine bar. The atmosphere is very relaxing. It’s so convenient not having to go the opposite part of the town to find some Vienna cafe and wine bar and then go home. You can enjoy some of the best wines at a lovely wine bar here and be at home all at once.

A Wine lover's dream Hotel Rathaus Vienna Wine & Design

The bartenders at the Hotel Rathaus Vienna wine bar have a great knowledge of the Austrian wines. They are able to teach a couple of useful part of the wine-tasting tricks and things about winemaking to such wine beginners like us.

A Wine lover's dream Hotel Rathaus Vienna Wine & DesignStaff & Service

Hotel Rathaus Vienna Wine & Design has a very helpful and warm staff, which is always one of the main factors, making people want to return to the place. We were greeted with wide smiles every morning or evening. Everyone was always ready to help. The staff seemed to really love their job.

The cleanness of the room was always perfect. New towels every day, if needed. The glass bottle in the room was always filled with fresh drinking water. Also, the common areas of the hotel were always very nice and clean.

A Wine lover's dream Hotel Rathaus Vienna Wine & Design

You’ll definitely notice that your room at the Hotel Rathaus Vienna Wine & Design has a coffee mug but the coffee machine or a pot for boiling the water cannot be found anywhere. Read carefully what’s written on the cup and you’ll know why!

This is another creative solution that perfectly portrays the great attitude towards the service at this hotel. Oh, and they can deliver coffee and tea to your room free of charge 24h a day.

The free Wi-Fi is available everywhere in the hotel and is excellent. If you’re arriving in your own car, the parking is available as well.


  1. I know she”s conducted works by von Einem in the past and is set to do so again (outside of Vienna). As for why she”s making her debut with Dantons Tod”, I guess it”s a combination of her having conducted his music in the past and some Vienna institutions having scheduled performances and exhibits for Gottfried von Einem”s centennial this year.

  2. Mmmm! I will love to stay here.

  3. That sounds like such a cool place!!! Anyplace with wine gets a gold star from me!

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