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Why to choose staying at Aparthotel: Fraser Residence Budapest, Hungary

Why to choose staying at aparthotel - Fraser Budapest in Hungary

We’ve been traveling all over the world for a while. Almost a year now. It’s awesome all the way. But sometimes you do miss the small things like cooking at home, having a washing machine and other luxuries your own home offers.

But you also got to love the hotel life. So Fraser Residence Budapest in Hungary came to the rescue and fulfilled all our travel desires.

Let me also share my love for Fraser chain with you in general. When trying to decide where to stay in Budapest or really, anywhere in the world, the Fraser hotels are always a great idea.

You’ll never go wrong there with a perfect 5* service, great sense of style and a high quality in every detail. These are just a few of the things I always appreciate in their hotels.

Why to choose staying at aparthotel - Fraser Budapest in Hungary

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What it’s like to stay at an aparthotel?

Fraser in Budapest offers a special type of living – an apartment hotel. Do you know what’s an apartment hotel aka aparthotel and how does it differ from the regular hotel?

The main feature in an aparthotel is a fully equipped room. Just like you’d have an actual apartment. Your hotel room will include an equipped kitchen area, sometimes a washing machine. It can also be several rooms just like in an actual apartment, where you can do cooking or laundry yourself.

In addition to all the apartment features, you will still get the hotel service, like all the help that reception staff can provide you, hotel breakfast, room service, and housekeeping services. Isn’t that convenient?


Here are our 7 main reasons why to choose an apartment hotel over a regular hotel


Why to choose staying at aparthotel - Fraser Budapest in Hungary

1. Convenient for long time travelers, regular travelers, families with children

Staying at aparthotel offers you all the comfort that a regular home would. Long-term travelers will love it for being able to wash their own clothes. Or to finally have a home-made meal instead of eating out all the time. It’s going to be very convenient if you have small children as you get a lot of space for all the children stuff.

Why to choose staying at aparthotel - Fraser Budapest in Hungary

2. Bathroom toiletries

You are provided with all needed toiletries for your stay and don’t have to bring them with you from home or purchase somewhere.  This is a useful aparthotel benefit over staying at rental apartments, that usually don’t provide little shampoos, conditioners and body lotions.

Quite often this is not a big deal as these small toiletries are not the best quality and people tend to use their own products anyway. But this was not the case at Fraser Budapest.

They are providing guests with the highest quality toiletries I’ve ever seen at hotels, by L’OCCITANE. The green tea aroma of these products is unforgettable.

Why to choose staying at aparthotel - Fraser Budapest in Hungary

3. Ability to cook at home and try local recipes

I would have never known how cool this is until I tried it – cooking a country-specific meal in the respective country. It’s such a perk because you are actually able to purchase all the country-specific ingredients and are able to make the meal just as it’s supposed to be.

Also if you are someone who eats only your own specific meals, this is the way how you can continue during that even while traveling.

Why to choose staying at aparthotel - Fraser Budapest in Hungary

4. Breakfast

Even though you have your own kitchen and are able to cook anything you like, you still have the comfort of being able to enjoy some breakfast already prepared for you. After all, you are on vacation! But even if you are not, it’s still nice to feel pampered.

The breakfast at Fraser Budapest was simple but perfect to get the strength and energy for a full day of exploring the city. From the eggs, bacon, and beans, to veggies, fruit, and pastries, it offers something for every taste.

Why to choose staying at aparthotel - Fraser Budapest in Hungary

5. Feels like sleeping in your own bed

Some people say that they have the best night sleep only when sleeping in their own bed at home. Having these kind of living conditions when you feel like practically at your own apartment is as close at it gets to the home feeling. This can lead to the best night sleep you might possibly have. That’s exactly how we felt at Fraser Budapest.

6. No need to clean

Even though you are practically living at your own place, you still have the hotel staff. They will take care of all the least pleasant aspects of living at your own place, like washing the dishes and cleaning. Housekeeping at Fraser Budapest is perfect and kept the place spotless for us.

Why to choose staying at aparthotel - Fraser Budapest in Hungary

7. Reception staff will be there to help you

When traveling abroad, it’s always nice to have locals to give you some tips about the area or any other questions. Having reception and a helpful staff there will definitely cover these things for you.

The staff at Fraser Budapest really made us feel at home. They explained us everything we wanted to know about Budapest and were always smiling. If you are ever interested to see how an outstanding customer service looks like, stay at Fraser Residences in Budapest and see for yourself.