Why Are There So Many Temples In Thailand?

Do you know what are there so many temples in Thailand? You can spot some on every step, whether you're in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Krabi or anywhere else. Temples are everywhere are the reason why is it so you can find right here! #Thailand #Travel

Thailand is an awesome destination for many reasons. Summer all year-long, tropical beaches, exotic islands, food, big city life in Bangkok and so much more.

I’m sure everyone who has been to Thailand will add the temples to this list too.

There are around 40’000 Buddhist temples in Thailand with more than 30’000 of them being in active use.

So it’s no surprise you can see temples in Thailand anywhere you go.

City Temple of Chiang Mai, Thailand

There are several good reasons why temples are everywhere in Thailand.

1. Temples play an important role in Thai everyday life. People go to a temple to pray for good health, good fortune and wealth. They also seek life advice from monks living in temples.

2. Temple in Thailand is an education place. Historically temples have always been the place where parents bring their young children to learn about life and Buddha. 

3. Temples are a central gathering place. People go there often to meet others, to learn and perform rituals.  People gather in temples also on special occasions, such as the Buddhist day.

City Temple of Chiang Mai, Thailand

4. Temples are a residing place for monks. Every young Thai man who reaches the age of 20 must go to Temple to become a monk for at least 15 days before they are allowed to get married. Some become monks for about 3 months, some for a year, but many stays as monks for their whole life.

5. Temples are a place of healing. Historically temples were used as hospitals. If a person is sick, the first place where they go is a temple to seek for healing.

These core functions explain why there are thousands of Temples everywhere in the country as they need to be accessible to everyone, even those living in remote villages and jungle.

Wat Pho in Bangkok – Temple of Reclining Buddha

Temples rise people out of poverty

Temples are a great help for Thai families that can’t afford education for their children. Children get free education for 5 years only, from the age of 6 to 12.

Afterward, if a family can’t afford further education, they might decide to send their child to the temple to become a monk. Temples accept these children, allow them to live there and study for free.

There are even two Monk Universities in Thailand. They teach only two subjects there – Philosophy and Sociology.

Monks don’t work or earn any money, so the support to them is in hands of people and their donations. Monks spend their life studying, meditating and teaching. In return, people can always go to the temple to seek help from a monk.

Temple of the Golden Buddha, Bangkok

It is very uplifting to visit temples in Thailand and admire their beauty, calming aura and good energy.


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