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Top Ten Things to Do in Caribbean island Tobago

Looking for a Caribbean vacation? Tobago is the perfect island for that. Discover the best things to do in Tobago, the best beaches to visit and epic nature to explore in this Caribbean island. #Tobago #Caribbean #travel

Tobago is one of the smallest volcanic islands in the Caribbean and has most unusual tropical jungle and turquoise blue beaches.

The width of the island is only 300 square kilometers so however it still manages to offer its guests a unique travel experience.

Here are some Tobago facts, that you should to know:

The southern part of Tobago is flat and consists mainly of coral limestone, but north of the island is rocky. Biggest part of Tobago is covered with jungle and rain forest. In the rocky mountain part of the island it always rains every 15 – 30 minutes.

The climate on the island is hot and tropically humid with an average temperature of +30 C/ 86 F.

The island has a coast line of the Atlantic Ocean as well as Caribbean Sea. You can really feel a contrast there. Caribbean beaches are calm, incredibly beautiful as motionless picture, but the beach on the ocean side is windy and rocky.

The ocean is never calm and forces large waves to the shore.

Exactly the diverse climate of the island is the main factor that fits perfectly as home for the most exotic and extraordinary species of animals and birds as well as many unique crops.

 It doesn’t matter if you are eco-minded tourist, water sports lover or prefer relaxing on the beach, Tobago is the type of destination that will fit for all.

Here are TOP Ten Things to Do in TOBAGO!

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1. Visit Pigeon Point Beach – a paradise corner by the Caribbean sea

Pigeon Point is truly the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s a part of Heritage Park national reserve.

Just imagine coral-white sandy seashore, majestic noble palm trees and turquoise blue, almost translucent water.

This beach is also famous for the thatch-roofed jetty boat dock which has become an internationally recognised iconic island symbol.

2. Feed a humming-bird in Adventure Farm and Nature Reserve

It’s a small and bland eco nature reserve, home to a wide range of island birds in all colours of the rainbow including marvellous bee-sized Humming birds.

Bird-tables that are always busy with Humming bird are located in the central part of the park so visitors can watch birds from a very close range.

Adventure Farm and Nature Reserve Park is a great place for photographers to take beautiful pictures.

3. Go for adventure to cocoa beans plantation in Tobago rain forests

A visit to Tobago Cocoa plantations will be interesting for everyone.

A walk in the gardens covered by exotic plants and herbs in the middle of rainforest is not only a treat for eyes but also an opportunity to get to know the historical heritage and the richness of the island through its coffee and chocolate production traditions.

By the way, there’s a particular season when visitors of Tobago Cocoa gets to taste one of worlds best chocolates.

4. Hike to the unforgettable Argyle Waterfall

Argyle Waterfall is not one of those natural wonders that you just view from a distance. You have a chance to get as close as possible and enjoy a swim in the clear refreshing Argyle Waterfall lagoon.

The feeling of being there is unreal – jungle all around, bubbly force of spring water and parrots of all colours flying above you.

5. Learn about Tobago’s hidden history in Great Courland Bay

Courland Bay for me was the place that I was extremely eager to visit.

The funny thing is that my homeland Latvia, a small country in eastern Europe was actually strongly linked with Tobago in the 17th century by Tobago being a colony of my tiny home country Latvia.

If you think about that it seems absolutely weird how a tiny eastern European country can have such linkage with a South American island across the word.

To learn more about this part of history make sure to visit Fort James museum in Plymouth which holds many interesting peaces of the history.

6. Experience the breathtaking Tobago underwater world in Kariwak reef

The gently sloping reef, which gets deeper the further out you swim, offers an array of hard and soft corals and marine life.

Here you can expect to see reef fish, such as parrotfish, damselfish, butterflyfish, creole wrasse and goatfish feeding on the sand.

Kariwak reef is a perfect fit for experienced divers as well as beginners.

7. Have a coconut drink right from the palmtree

Full with vitamins and a great dose of healthy a coconut milk is available all around the island. Its sold in nice little huts for a very small amount of money.

And the best thing – it’s always fresh from the palm tree.

You might also come across such interesting things as using a coconut shell to use as a grill right on the beach after fishermen returns to the coast after a day in the sea. Try it yourself!

8. Celebrate life with the locals by attending the Tobago Jazz Festival

If you plan to visit Tobago in April make sure to attend Tobago Jazz Festival.

This awesome experience is much more than just a good music. Habitants of Tobago are no different from other Caribbean nations as they all are great lovers of music and dance.

In the festival you will experience true Caribbean vibes by enjoying great music and dancing the night away.

The territory of this festival is not huge but as it comes to quality it’s as good as the big famous festivals.

They have a huge food zone where you will enjoy variety of food trucks and a Caribbean specific cuisine. Your stomach and taste buds will thank you!

9. Go fishing with local fisherman

It’s no Tobago without fishing. It’s one of the most common activities for locals and also guests of island often love to do that.

Here in Tobago it’s possible to catch a colourful variety of fish starting from the well-known ones to very exotic ones.

I will be no surprised if you catch a shark over there. The greatest fishing experiences will come to you if you visit the coastal village Charlotteville.

This pretty village is one of Tobago’s main fishing hubs.

10. Fulfill your need for speed on a water scooter in the Caribbean sea

Life in Tobago revolves around the gorgeous warm water of the Caribbean, and a host of sports and activities around the island take full advantage of it.

Variety of water sports is available in all main beaches of Tobago.

Locals are usually very friendly and open to communication so they might even offer you a free ride on their jet ski or a water scooter.

If you love adrenaline a ride on a water scooter braking through the turquoise blue waves of Caribbean sea surrounded with a beautiful scenery will but just a thing for you.

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