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The best face cream for your skincare travel kit


Thinking about skin care is extra important when traveling to colder places in fall or winter. Here's the best face cream for your skin care travel kit to have a radiant and healthy skin. Fell and look the best during your fall trip to Paris, London, New York or anywhere cold. #travel #skincare #fall #winter

This is the first article in The Travel Leaf beauty section. And why not to kick it all off with revealing one of my favorite skin care beauty items. I'm talking about The Body Shop® Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser here.

It has been making my facial skin feal radiant and fresh for 5 years. It's the perfect travel moisturizer that I use daily, even before I was traveling full-time and thinking about my beauty travel kit. So let me tell you what's so good about it.

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Facial skin - the mirror of your inner wellness

Cold weather, sleepless nights, long flights, unhealthy food… these are just a few things from the long list, that can affect your skin negatively. I know for a fact that it's not easy to find your perfect face cream, but I managed to do that already years ago and am happy to share my great find with you all. My favorite out of all beauty essentials is Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser by The Body Shop®.

This face cream is a true wonder, that I like to use all year long. It helps to prevent fatigue traces in my face and instantly gives it natural and healthy radiance. Lately I do not use the cream every day, but only in situations when the tight schedule of sometimes very busy travel lifestyle starts to show some marks in my face.

For me with a fairly problematic skin, facial skin care is an important daily ritual. However full-time traveling sometimes stands in a way for me to properly take care of my skin every day. Also, you can't really use every face cream or skin product you'd like with a problematic skin. It's easy to get bad breakouts that way, instead of the positive effect that all those products are promising.

I was very happy back at the beginning when I first tried this  Vitamin C moisturizer and my face didn't react badly with it. Not a single breakout reaction. So I've been loving and using this product to this very day 5 years later.

Even though this cream is meant to be used as a day cream, I sometimes apply it also before going to bed. During the day I use it when I feel like I need it. I'm not 100% sure if it's the correct way, but my face doesn't protest, and it's all that matters.

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In what cases should Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser be used?

The best face cream for your skincare travel kit

As mentioned above, this face moisturizer have saved the day for me quite often. It's  making it energized and refreshed after all the negative impact from the environment.

Sometimes I wonder, is there even a difference if I've been out partying the whole night or working non stop throughout the day, as the inner feeling and the outside look is kinda the same in both cases.

After these long sleepless nights or hard work days I like to apply this Vitamin C moisturizer, and my face lights up, getting that healthy glow in a second. I'm not even exaggerating now. At those moments my skin feels like it just consumed a large dose of fresh new energy.

The superpower ingredient - great for travels

The secret behind the superpowers of this moisturizer is in the ingredients. It's main ingredient is the Amazon Camu Camu berries - the Vitamin C richest natural source. Just moments after using the cream, you can't even tell anymore that there was an exhausting in your face just a few seconds ago. No sign of puffiness.

Using this cream also gives a pretty tone and a glow to the facial skin. During my travels to sunny and hot destinations, I fully replace my foundations and other makeup products that would melt of my face from the heat, with this Vitamin C moisturizer. The healthy glow from the combination of heat and the moisturizer is just priceless.

When I'm in the cold destinations, this moisturiser is also my go-to skin product. Since my life currently involves a lot of traveling, I usually try to skip the cold and travel to warm destinations. But that doesn't always work out and I tend to find myself in awesome winter moments.

However winter doesn't do good for my skin at all. None of the makeup of medical skin products have managed to keep my face from looking grey and dehydrated, when the cold and winds are around. The makeup suddenly looks like a mask and makes me seem a few years older.

As soon as I started to use The Body Shop® moisturiser under the makeup, my skin tone is always more radiant and bright. My face was instantly enriched with the Vitamin C which makes all the difference. If you are used to use a lot of foundation, applying this moisturizer first, will make you want to use less of the foundation, as the face will show such a pretty natural glow.

I've been enjoying these effects of The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser for years, using it during any season, whether it's a cold winter, a nice spring or a hot and humid summer.

Why Vitamin C is important for a skin?

The best face cream for your skincare travel kit

Vitamin C is a vital element for the facial skin as much as the air is for breathing. But somehow we tend to not be so friendly with the Vitamin C. During the winter months when the flu season starts, we often think of the Vitamin C as a help for the immunity system to avoid the cold. However, we don't look at it as a way to boost the well-being of our skin.

Vitamin C has a direct impact on your skin, making it fresher, stronger and more elastic. It's one of the key factors of maintaining a beautiful skin tone. It's exactly what I noticed myself when using this product.

As it turns out, if your skin is dry and with microbursts, and you start to see tiny red blood vessels, Vitamin C will serve as a disinfectant and will help to strengthen the capillary walls.

Vitamin C helps to preserve the beauty of your skin and contributes to the formation of collagen fibers that prevent aging. So taking a daily dose of Vitamin C via this moisturizer will prevent your skin from becoming dull and flabby.  

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The superfruit - Amazon Camu Camu berries

The best face cream for your skincare travel kit
Source: www.thebodyshop.com

The main ingredients of this must-have travel beauty essential the Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser are the awesome Camu Camu berries. I hadn't heard about them before, so I decided to research them more, as they sound incredible, don't they? Here's what I found.

As it turns out, camu camu grows in the shrubs of the flooded areas of the Amazon rainforest. They are a true superfood. These berries visually look like cherries. Camu Camu berries are one of the most valuable sources of the Vitamin C. No wonder that The Body Shop® is using these berries in their face cream, as they contain around 60 times higher concentration of Vitamin C than an orange and 56 times more than a lemon.

Vitamin C is not the only superingredient in these berries. Camu Camu is also equipped with a powerful concoction of amino acids like serine, leucine and valine, as well as phytochemicals and minerals that can help a range of maladies in the body.

These Amazon cherries sound so awesome and I'd definitely love to try them out by eating, not just applying on my face. But while I haven't come across such opportunity, I'll keep enjoying the benefits that they provide through my skin.

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