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The best chic dining spots in Paris


Discover these chic and stylish Paris restaurants to find awesome places where to eat in Paris with style. Make the best out of your Paris France trip with this article! #travel #paris #franceFashion doesn’t exist without Paris. Same way Paris doesn’t exist without fashion. It’s a treat for eyes and a treat for your wardrobe. But what about a treat for your belly? Here’s an insight into our three absolutely favorite chic dining spots in Paris where fashion goes hand in hand with a tasteful interior, good atmosphere, and delicious food.


Hotel Costes is one of the most fashionable luxury hotels in Paris with the best atmosphere. Visiting it for a meal is going to be a perfect addition to a day exploring Paris.

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It’s located in the heart of Paris fashion district, the Rue Saint Honoré. The eminent location and elegantly modern interior are only a few reasons why the hotel restaurant is widely loved by Parisians and visitors of the city.

Restaurant’s interior is decorated in a luxurious Italian Baroque-style, with modern design elements that contrast with each other marking the modern Parisian upper-layer portrait. Hotel Costes is so Paris.

Hotel Costes restaurant has a very romantic ambiance. The dim lighting allows you to hide from unwanted eyes and allows you to freely enjoy intimacy. At the same time, if you wish to watch people and be part of fashionista circles, I suggest you visit the restaurant terrace. It’s warm and glazed winter garden. Over there the atmosphere is much more lively.

No matter whether you are a first-timer or a regular customer the restaurant staff will always make you feel welcome. This truly is one of the things that I love the Hotel Costes restaurant so much for.

It’s no surprise that this magical chic dining spot in Paris is one of the favorites for many celebrities. For example, Kim Kardashian has said – when in Paris she always stops by Costes to have her favorite Cracker’s cheesecake.

I have to say thank you to Kim for advertising this now famous cheesecake. Same as her we fell in love with this cheesecake from the very first bite. So every time I visit Costes either it’d be for lunch or an evening cocktail I save some space for this heavenly treat.

Cracker’s cheese cake at Hotel Costes
Cracker’s cheesecake at Hotel Costes


Now this one is a romantically stylish cafe to go out to in Paris for a luxury feel of life. It’s great for dining as well as to have a cocktail after an exhausting shopping tour. This one is a real definition of the chicest dining spot in Paris.

You will have a top-level fashion vibe all around as L’Avenue is located just a few steps from the Champs-Élysées and the Grand Plaza Athenée hotel with its top designer boutiques. High life – high prices! But why not to enjoy it since you are in Paris?!!?

What I love about the cafe is that their menu offers a nice variety of fresh and healthy food perfectly flavorful and done well. Everything that I have tasted there has been to die for. Even the famous french fries that may not be missed with a meal. I totally dare to say that L’Avenue french fries are the best in Paris. OK, maybe even the best in the world? Go see it yourself!

L’Avenue is decorated in a classic style with white and violet shades dominating. The warm lighting creates a cozy atmosphere in evenings and nicely compliments different interior elements of the space.

If I had to portray this place as a person, the first one that comes to my mind is an image of Audrey Hepburn (Holly Golightly) from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Glamorous appearance, which is characterized by the desire to fit into high society elite, but a simple, sweet city girl’s heart with her own dreams and cravings.

L’Avenue is buzzing with celebrities especially during Paris Fashion Week. Famous models, actresses, musicians, celebrities all like bees are swarming here for a nice meal. In other days the atmosphere is much calmer to just sit, relax and watch a beautiful Paris street scenery around.

I have read some reviews myself about the staff of L’Avenue not being particularly friendly. Or that similarly also other cafe guests tend to be snobbish. However, I have never experienced any of the two mentioned scenarios and always had nothing but a good aftertaste when leaving L’Avenue.

I guess the most important thing is to know how to enjoy ourselves and the rest will not seem that bad as well. People create their own atmosphere.

Dinner at L'Avenue in Paris
Dinner at L’Avenue in Paris


Oh, Le Comptoir Général. It’s so different from the places above but I can’t not talk about it when describing my favorite Paris sports. This is a tasteful combination of a bar and restaurant filled with great style and the best atmosphere. If you go there once, trust me you’ll keep coming back to have the best parties in Paris there over and over again.

Le Comptoir Général is located by Canal Saint Martin on the side of the river. From outside it might give off a shabby warehouse vibe but inside is a tasteful eclectic interior style pearl. Black and white tiled floors, colorful vintage furniture, spacious rooms, green plants, and African vibes all around are what makes the place special. Pretty cool is also the fact that their bar is built in the lower part of an ancient shipwreck, but on the deck, there’s a lounge terrace.

As you can already understand Le Comptoir Général is a treat for eyes and soul. I have to note though that food is awesome as well. My special recommendation goes to delicious late breakfast/ brunch for really reasonable price for Paris. It costs only 16EUR per person and the variety of food is perfect. It ranges from a salad bar to quiches, pastry and fresh fruit served with coffee, tea, or fruit juice.

The menu of Le Comptoir Général has also such great things as the plate of African snacks or a very delicious Asian wrap. Also if you are looking for a place where to spend an evening surrounded by hipsters and boho-chic type friendly French society, this will be it! And make sure to stop by the place on a Friday night for a glass of inspiring African cocktail.

Le Comptoir General
Le Comptoir General




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  1. Wonderful places all. But that can only be expected in a city like Paris. Loved that you remembered Audrey Hepburn at some point. That means a lot to me. I mean, that adds a whole new dimension and fires up my imagination. he he

  2. Food and fashion are nearly our two favourite thing in the whole world! L’Avenue looks like a place I would stay or hours and relax. What was your most enjoyable food while you were in Paris?

  3. Mmmmm…. what a tempting post. Both the place and its cuisines are my favorite. Your description is making me crave for the place and food. Last trip was a short stay, hopefully my next stay will be longer to experience all these.

  4. These are wonderful fine dining recommendations. I wish that I can go to Paris right now and have a wonderful dining experience in either of the 3 places that you have mentioned. It would be much better if I can go to all the restaurants. The Cracker’s cheesecake looks so delicious, appealing, and presentable. Based on your description above, the L’Avenue is my favorite. It sounds fancy, posh, and glamorous. I would definitely want that kind of experience.

  5. Oooooh all of these suggestions sound like places I would love to visit! Le Comptoir Général seems really unique with the ancient ship as a feature within the restaurant. And I like how you mentioned the staff being so welcoming in each of these locations. Every time I’ve visited Paris, I have never once found a rude Parisian, so I don’t know why they get that reputation. Great post – I am sharing this and saving it for our next trip to Paris.

  6. I am from England and I have to admit the French food has so much more flavor than ours! I am intrigues to try the Cracker Cheesecake that Kim Kardashian recommends in Hotel Costes. The Brunch at Le Comptoir Général sounds to be very reasonably priced, I’d love to try the quiche there.

  7. Oh those little cheese cakes look utterly divine. My kinda place to be! Next time I’m in Paris I’ll be sure to follow in your delicious foot steps.

  8. Not just thought of as the fashion capital of the world, many say that France is the food capital also. This post is so cool as it essentially combines both elements that Paris is famous for (not to mention French wine as well of course!). Thank you for the recommendations – I will try to get to these when I’m there.

  9. Great info! I haven’t heard of or been to any of these places so I’ll have to check them out. I especially like the sound of Hotel Costes restaurant and the winter garden terrace. Right up my alley, for sure! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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