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Street Food Paradise – Khao San Road, Bangkok

Street Food Paradise - Khao San Road, Bangkok

Khao San Road is one of Bangkok’s well known areas for many reasons. One of my favourite reasons – FABULOUS STREET FOOD!!!

The vibrant street food area of Khao San Road offers a great variety food and drinks for any taste. If you feel like having Thai local food – it’s there! If you look for something more American or European – it’s there! If you want to try a fried cockroach or a grasshopper, you’ll find them there.

I’m sure you have seen some amazing pictures of mind-blowingly beautiful fruit smoothies and fresh coconuts! You’ll find them here!

If Khao San Road is the first stop on your Bangkok itinerary, this guide of how to get to Khao San Road from Suvarnabhumi Airport will be very useful. 


See our Bangkok street food experience at Khao San Road in this video:



  1. I enjoyed watching your video. I want to go to Thailand right now. Haha! The street foods look delicious except the cockroaches but you were adventurous. I like the Pad Thai, coconut ice cream, durian, mango with sticky rice, and smoothies.

  2. OMG I love street food and this looks so yummm. I am planning to go to Thailand and I would definitely keep this in mind . Thanks for Sharing

  3. Wow, that video made me go right back to my days in Thailand. The street food scene there is amazing. Now I’m really hungry for Thai food!

  4. This looks so amazing and yum! I miss street food culture that prevails in most Asia countries! Some days back there was a news that food streets in Bangkok were gonna get shut. After seeing this video I seriously hope it was just a rumor.

  5. Southeast Asian street food is mind blowing! My experience has always been good. And I am now tempted again with your video 🙂 I recently tasted their fried ice cream… just watching itself was a delight. I seriously want some sticky rice with mangoes and coconut milk!!!!

  6. I love street food in Thailand I so missed out as I didn’t try any until my last day and then I went on a street food tour. I now try street food where ever I go as its always so tasty. This made me hungry

  7. I’m sure I saw you eat a cockroach! My favourite street food is either bbq pork neck, simple fried rice chicken or those bbq beef sticks the have on kao san road. I love the Thai sweet mango, I prefer alone to with sticky rice though. Wonderful video of the delicious street food on kao san road.

  8. This looks really amazing. It would be so hard to choose. And of course, not knowing the language, I think I’d just be guessing at what to get anyways. Very cool though!

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