Street Art Guide to Canggu, Bali


Street Art Guide to Canggu Bali

One of our favourite things to discover first in a new destination is the street art. It somehow gets us more excited than famous landmarks and tourist attractions. What makes exploring street art even more fun is the hunt of it.

Canggu, a coastal surf town in the South of Bali, is an amazing destination for street art. We spent a month there riding around the most beautiful places in Bali on a scooter and discovering something new every day. Finding an awesome piece of street art was a boost of joy almost daily.

It reminded me so much of the good old days in London, wandering around Shoreditch and taking photos in front of super impressive graffiti around every corner there. If Shoreditch can be considered as a street art central of Europe, the Canggu for sure is a main spot in Asia.


The best pieces are usually hidden in unknown places, so you have to go on a hunt for it by strolling the streets and counting on a good luck or hunting them first on the internet. If you choose the second option, it’s still fun to look for them afterwards.

You find the approximate address or at least the area of the particular piece of art and then go out to look for it. The most known graffiti are usually surrounded by people taking photos there. But that’s not a bad thing.

There has been so many times when we’re out looking for a right corner to turn around and suddenly see a group of people posing and taking photos. That’s a good hint that our desired piece of art is right there behind them and we don’t have to keep wandering around in circles.

When the search is accomplished, just get in line and wait your turn to take the photo of the day!

Where exactly to find a street art in Canggu?

To help you out with finding the best gems of Canggu and just give you an impression how awesome they really are, here are the main areas to find them.

ALLCAPS Open Air Gallery:


A bit outside of Canggu is a very cool place called ALLCAPS Open Air Gallery. It looks like a yard of an old warehouse all covered with street art. Local and foreign graffiti artists go there to get creative and impress street art fans with huge and unbelievable graffiti all concentrated in one place.

There are new works popping up daily so it never gets old. Watching artists at work and just being surrounded by such creativity and beauty is very uplifting and fun. This is a-must-visit spot that most people don’t know about.

On the way to Echo Beach & Batu Bolong Beach:

You can find many super impressive pieces of art by taking the road to Batu Bolong and Echo beaches. You will not go even for a minute until you without seeing part of this magic.


Direction to Berawa Beach:

The main road and  small streets leading to Berawa Beach are a true paradise of street art. This area is our favourite for finding unbelievably cool street art.