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Staying at Saharan Motor Hotel in Hollywood, Los Angeles

Staying at Saharan Motor Hotel in Hollywood, Los Angeles

For my first trip to Los Angeles, we had 2 weeks to explore this unique place. It turned out to be totally not enough for such a big and diverse city. We had chosen 3 different locations to live in LA area, in order to feel all sides of the LA life rhythm.

One of the chosen areas was West Hollywood. I mean, how can you not choose Hollywood? A walk of Fame and the legendary Hollywood sign are LA signatures known all over the world.

Staying at Saharan Motor Hotel in Hollywood, Los Angeles

Our accommodation in West Hollywood was Saharan Motor Hotel on Sunset Boulevard. I still get nostalgic picturing it in – warm colours decorating the evening sky, graceful palm silhouettes of Sunset Boulevard and the illuminated sign of hotel Saharan Motor Hotel on the roadside. View just like in 50s’ motion picture. Fantastic!

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Saharan Motor Hotel is a typical Californian 50s style motel. By the way the architecture style called the Googie style is the main factor that draw our attention to this hotel. The modern architectural style is created in the influence of 50s car washes in Southern California. Googie themed architecture in 50s and 60s was popular among motels, coffee houses and gas stations.


Location of the Motor Hotel is great, right in the middle of many famous landmarks. It’s 5 min walk away from the Walk of Fame and the famous Mann’s Chinese Theatre and Dolby Theaters, where the famous Oscar Ceremony takes place.

However if you want to get to other nearby places, such as Melrose ave. shopping area, West Hollywood party streets on even Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, you can do that easily ever without a car. The public bus stop is right in front of the hotel. Public buses can take you to all mentioned places quickly, safely and for cheap.

Staying at Saharan Motor Hotel in Hollywood, Los Angeles

Across the street from Saharan Motor Hotel there’s a huge American grocery store Ralph’s, where you can buy anything you need. In addition to that there are many cozy dining spots around the hotel with different kind of menus. Short walking distance away you have a low-cost band outlet Ross, where you can find many stylish gems for cheap.

Those how love hiking or running will be pleased by the fact that the famous Runyon Canyon Park hiking trail is just 15 minutes walking distance away.


We stayed in a huge twin room. It was styled in a classic style with dark wooden furniture and carpet. Beds in the room were huge and comfy, so the sleep after a long day of sightseeing was very good and tight.

Staying at Saharan Motor Hotel in Hollywood, Los Angeles

Next to our two beds we each had a nightstand with classical American style lamps, but working was only one of those. During the daytime room was a bit in the dusk as there are no ceiling lights at all.

The room was furnished with a dining table and two chairs, a cupboard and a TV on top of it.
From the electronics we had a fridge, microwave, and an iron with a board. This all was very convenient.

Staying at Saharan Motor Hotel in Hollywood, Los Angeles

Bathroom was pretty small but had everything needed, from bathtub, towels and even hairdryer. For us as girls it was very convenient that the room had 2 normal side mirrors.
The room also had a good AC that cooled off the room very quickly.


The hotel staff was not very friendly and welcoming. They were not very open with information, so we had to ask things ourselves specifically to get a specific answer.

For example there’s a pool in the middle of the hotel territory and reception staff didn’t offer us to use it not gave any information regarding opening and closing times or anything at all. The staff was very closed off and seemed deep into their daily work, not giving any attention to their guests. Not even saying hello…

Staying at Saharan Motor Hotel in Hollywood, Los Angeles

On the other hand the cleanness of rooms was great. When we checked in rooms were spotless and bathrooms even seemed sterile clean. There were no dust anywhere, not even on top of the shelves. Towels were changed every day.


The Saharan Hotel offers a big pool in the middle of the yard and as we found out ourselves, it was up for use even if it was with a fence around it. Unfortunately the pool seemed not cleaned for a while so the water was dirty and the floor of the pool seemed muddy. So we decided not to use it.

However there were few tables by the pool and few tanning chairs, that we used for having breakfast outside. That kind of use of pool area was perfect in the shade of Sunset Bulevard’s tall palm trees.

Staying at Saharan Motor Hotel in Hollywood, Los Angeles

The whole hotel area had a very good WiFi connection, which is one of the main factors by travellers when choosing a hotel. Another good thing is that if you arrive much earlier than check in time you don’t have to worry about your luggage. Even if your room is not available, they allow your bags to be stored safely in reception free of charge for as long as it’s needed. The same service is available after check out.

Staying at Saharan Motor Hotel in Hollywood, Los Angeles

Check the prices and availability of Saharan Motor Hotel HERE.

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