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Seeing the Martial Arts Performance JUMP in Seoul


Things to do in Seoul, South Korea. Martial arts performance Jump

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is an amazing city with a lot of offer. It has a rich culture, beautiful architecture, very kind people and great entertainment industry. One of the first things we wanted to do after arriving was to get a glimpse of local culture and arts, so we went to see the martial arts performance JUMP.

Jump performance

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The fun story line

It’s a comedy, involving martial arts and incredible acrobatics. The story line centres around a very active and funny family. The Grandfather of the family is s a real master of Taekwondo, Taekkyun and Hapkido.

He performs the most incredible fight moves, swirling across the stage, mostly on the air. It feels like watching a Jackie Chan movie.

The father and mother are also a very active couple, demonstrating unbelievable fight moves. They are portraying a married life in a fun and amusing way, through fight and love. And all of that is expressed with most impressive acrobatics.

Jump performance

The daughter and her future husband brings a romance element to the show. This romance is also expressed by elegant fight moves and delightful humour.

The most fun characters of the show are the drunken uncle and an old guy, that sometimes appears on the stage or in the middle of public. Both of them will make you cry your eyes out with laughter just to amaze you afterwards with excellent fighting skills. You’ll not expect anything like that from either one of them at first.

Jump performance

Auditory Engagement

If you would like to participate in few of the fight scenes on the stage and feel yourself as a martial arts pro, make sure to sit somewhere in the front. You might get picked and invited on the stage. We had the fun opportunity to experience that!

It’s a bit stressful at first, after seeing how professionally all the actors are flying across the air with incredible fight moves. Afterwards it’ll end up being an experience to remember. How often do you get to participate in Korean Martial Arts show after all?

After the show, everyone gets to participate in the autograph signing with actors. It was really amusing to see them out of their characters and a good chance to compliment them on the unbelievably great comedy show.

JUMP performance


Over the hour and a half of the show you’ll get to feel a wide range of emotions. You’ll go from being positively shocked of performers ability to do acrobatics and movie worthy fight scenes so perfectly to laughing with tears in your eyes. In addition to that, the romantic storyline might make you feel a bit emotional as well.

The show is great for families with children. Everyone will find something for their liking. Having a good time and being surprised is pretty much guaranteed in the show.

JUMP performance


The Jump show is popular all over the world. It’s been performed since 2003. The main location where to see the performance is JUMP theatre at 3F Myungbo Art Hall in Seoul. It’s very easy to access it from anywhere in the city by using Metro green line Nr2 and getting out at the stop Euljiro 3-ga Station.

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Our main takeaway from seeing the JUMP performance was that it’s a great and entertaining way how to learn more about Korean culture of martial arts.

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We were invited to see the Jump performance by Eastasy. Make sure to check them out for this and other great experiences in Asia. Thank you to Eastasy and JUMP team for welcoming us to the show. We attended the performance as their guests, but all expressed opinions are our own.







  1. What a totally fun show! We only had a stopover in Seoul so couldn’t go and see anything like this. But this looks like it would get the heart pumping for sure! Must be so impressive to have seen all those skills and the comedy aspect of it too between the uncle and the drunk guy.

  2. Wow! this looks like so much fun! I never thought about attending a martial art performance, but this one looks like something different and I’ll make sure to see it once I get to Korea. PS: great images! the one with the guy flying horizontally is incredible!!!

  3. I love Jackie Chan movies so I’m sure I would enjoying watching Jump live in Seoul! With the characters you describe it sounds like the old Virtua Fighter they had on the Sega in the 90’s. I would have been so nervous if they invited me on stage, it would have been a memorable experience though.

  4. Those are some crazy moves! But that’s so interesting that there was audience participation in a martial arts show! I would’ve never expected that or the unique plot line that really seemed to pull at your emotions! Glad to see you and your family enjoyed the experience!

  5. Woah!! Those are some incredible moves!! I recently watched a martial arts performance here in Malaysia. Glad that you had a nice time – something different from the usual. Cheers!!

  6. This looks like a lot of fun! I know little about Korean martial arts, but I used to love watching Jackie Chan films as a kid! It’s unusual to see martial arts mixed with a live comedy performance, so I’d watch it 🙂

  7. That sounds like a cool idea to do in Seoul! My husband is into martial arts so it would be cool to take him to this show! Thanks for the heads up, we will be adding this to our bucket list should we visit Seoul someday!

  8. I am planning for my trip to Seoul at the end of this year so this post comes just in time. I used to practice martial arts several years ago so this Jump performance in Seoul is exactly what I need. It seems so fun and cool! Thank you for sharing and I am going to save this post now!

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