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Romance with a view: Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn Bangkok Thailand

The world out there is so active and loud, that it’s just nice to grab your significant other or a good friend and run away somewhere for a pampering getaway.

If for you this choice for going someplace by any chance is Bangkok, that’s awesome, as we’ve got the perfect place to introduce you to.

It’s Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn Bangkok, one of the most guest friendly hotels Bangkok has to offer!

It’s a place with possibly the best skyline views of the city.

This hotel is also the place, where we walked in and never wanted to leave, even to go outside in the city, as Eastin offers so many delightful things to do inside.

Discover Eastin Grand Sathorn Bangkok Thailand, the hotel for romance with a view. This might be the best luxury hotel in Bangkok, offering stunning Bangkok skyline views, great service and the executive lounge, for relaxing in privacy like a superstar. It's in one of the best areas where to stay in Bangkok, Silom and is convenient for going sightseeing in Bangkok. #luxuryhotel #bangkok #travel #hotel #thailand


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The Vibe

This hotel seems like the kind of place, that will make sure you have whatever experience you’re looking for to the fullest. For example, if you’ve come to Bangkok for a romantic getaway or even a honeymoon, you will be able to enjoy each others company with no distractions. Even more so, if you choose your stay with an access to the executive lounge for an extra special service.

Romance with a view: Eastin Grand Sathorn Bangkok Thailand

The executive access gives you a few other particularly nice experiences, that we’re going to tell you about below. But now, first thing’s first!

You can feel the light romantic vibe all through the hotel, starting from the hotel rooms. It starts with the bathtub in front of the full-length glass wall in your room, allowing you a breathtaking sight to the concrete jungle out there.

It continues throughout the nice meal in one of the 4 restaurants of the hotel. Then lounging by the pool after dark and watching the star covered the nightly sky with a cocktail in your hand.

Each moment spent at the Eastin Grand Sathorn Bangkok will make you feel special and get the dose of romance you came for.

Romance with a view: Eastin Grand Sathorn Bangkok Thailand

If you travel with friends, family or just a simple vacation, it’s going to be exciting too as the hotel is located right next to the Silom road with many cool things to do around here, for example, go to the Lumpini Park, for some relaxation in nature.

Plus, the place is well-connected to the rest of the city. There’s a sky train right outside the hotel. The 3rd-floor entrance is directly connected to the station.

The kids will love Eastin for the pool. As it’s quite shallow at the beginning and good for swimming in the further end, but not deep, it’s a perfect fun for visitors of all ages.

Romance with a view: Eastin Grand Sathorn Bangkok Thailand

For those who are visiting Bangkok for business, the rooms and Executive lounge both are perfectly convenient to get some work done.

The Sleep

Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn Bangkok offers luxurious 390 guest rooms and suites. They are decorated, to give you a comfortable and sophisticated relaxation in Bangkok. 

There are 6 different room categories available. Starting from comfy superior rooms to luxury junior suites, featuring a separate bedroom and living area. The Junior Suites are located at the corner of the floor for the ultimate in privacy and full Executive Lounge privileges.

I had an Executive Deluxe room, that costs just above 7000 Thai Bath per night on average. This room is a bit smaller than the royal Junior suite, but it’s perfect for two, or even for families traveling with a kid. Plus, the access to the Executive Lounge is the same for the Executive Deluxe and a Junior Suite.

I don’t believe that anyone could be even a little disappointed by the rooms at Eastin Grand Sathorn Bangkok Thailand. I wouldn’t change a single thing. As soon as I arrived in my little kingdom AKA my room, the awesome view through the full-length glass windows, overlooking Bangkok skyline instantly became the highlight of my stay.

Sitting on the top of the couth and watching the dynamic city life outside my window became the morning and evening tradition during my whole stay.

Romance with a view: Eastin Grand Sathorn Bangkok Thailand

Also, the room itself features everything you need for a comfortable stay. There’s enough space to unpack and have all your things nicely put in the closet. The room offers a kettle with options to make tea and coffee. We had a separate seating area with a coach and a little table.

Another positive surprise is a bathroom, that features the kind of bathtub that I’ve always wanted to try. I just didn’t know this before I saw it. It’s in front of a full-size window with killer views for you, just as you sit and relax in a bubble bathtub.

Going to sleep to a nightly view of the big city lights and waking up to the same big city view only now busy with people rushing to start their days is incredible. The view made the sleep perfect. Plus, if you have a big fluffy bed that feels like sleeping in the cloud, that helps too.

I couldn’t help but feel like a princess in this kind of room and never wanted to leave Bangkok.

Compare the prices and availability for Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn Bangkok here: Booking.com | Agoda

The Taste

Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn Bangkok is a real treat for people who appreciate good food in general. They offer 4 restaurants.

Chef Man Chinese restaurant is a casually sophisticated place that offers authentic Cantonese cuisine and different traditional tastes. The chef with a 20-year experience, Wai Yin Man is well-known for his artful presentation of his dishes and meticulous choice of ingredients. The rest of the team is from a mix of from Thailand and Hong Kong, offering an authentic Chinese dining experience in Bangkok.

Swizzles is a more chill lobby restaurant/ bar with an excellent variety of drinks and snacks. Start your first day of vacation right here, really leaving your work, emails and other cares of life behind. The relaxing atmosphere, mellow jazz sounds, and the comfy interior are so tempting to make you want to snuggle on the soft couch, order a creamy piece of cake and the best glass of wine from the menu. Forget all the counting of calories to truly enjoy your vacation.

Romance with a view: Eastin Grand Sathorn Bangkok Thailand

Are you ready for Blunos? Blunos is an awesome restaurant, combined with the hotel’s infinity pool on the 14th floor of the hotel. The British chef Martin Blunos has had a great success with his own 2-Michelin Star restaurant Lettonie in the UK, before opening Blunos here in Bangkok.

This is a restaurant we had a particular interest in, as the chef’s parents are originally from our country Latvia. Martin Blunos is known for his British – French cuisine, adding elements from the Baltics (Latvia).

Blunos is all about value for money hearty fare and classic comfort food, made with the most delectable and desirable of ingredients prepared with Martin’s Michelin Star touch. It’s perfect for just a relaxing day with cocktails and a delicious meal by the pool. Enjoying a moment here with your friends or special ones.

The Glass House. This is the biggest restaurant in the hotel where all the guests have breakfast each morning. Breakfast is usually my favorite part of the day when I stay in hotels and Eastin Grand Sathorn Bangkok did not disappoint. Offering a variety of different foods from Asian to International cuisine was perfect. I’m always the happiest when hotels serve sushi rolls for breakfast. 🙂 The Glass House is open also for lunch and dinner.


The hotel is located in the Silom area in Bangkok. It’s a business district during a day and spectacular nightlife spot when it gets dark. It has some great restaurants around. Some perfect street food options on the Silom road are just a few minutes walk away.

The 3rd floor of the hotel is connected with the Surasak Station on the Silom Line. It makes the hotel perfectly connected to the rest of the city by public transport. It’s so convenient and routes easily understandable, that traveling by Sky Train is our favorite mode of transportation around Bangkok.

Romance with a view: Eastin Grand Sathorn Bangkok Thailand

If coming from the Suvarnabhumi International Airport, it’s a 50 min taxi ride away. Skytrain ride takes about 45 min – 1 hour. That’s actually what we used as it’s a perfectly comfortable option.

Check out this Hua Hin Honeymoon guide, for a fun side trip from Bangkok! 

Executive Lounge

Executive Lounge privileges make you feel like a special guest during your whole stay. Even more, it’s an unforgettable and pleasant experience when you’re treated the way how celebrities are treated in hotels. Having the extra privacy and special attention when they secretly stay in the hotel while other guests have no idea they are living in the same building with a megastar. The Executive lounge gives you exactly that, a chance to relax in privacy.

Romance with a view: Eastin Grand Sathorn Bangkok Thailand

Executive lounge access on the top floor of the hotel sooo worth it.  They serve private breakfast, complimentary drinks throughout the day and fancy afternoon snacks with cocktails in the lounge.

Romance with a view: Eastin Grand Sathorn Bangkok Thailand

The snack part actually felt more like a full dinner with a variety of sushi, spring rolls, other different Asian style snacks, fruit, mini deserts etc. It’s another unforgettable experience! Yummm! 🙂


The WoW Factor

This is one of the very few occasions where I remember the hotel stay with 100% positive experience. And there are actually so many WoW factors that it’s hard to pick one. The first WoW factor was the attentiveness of the hotel staff during our whole stay. It was never too much and never too little. 10 out of 10!

Romance with a view: Eastin Grand Sathorn Bangkok Thailand

Another WoW factor is the views. I still remember sitting on the couch in my room on the 24th floor at night, drinking coffee and just watching the rain and lightning behind the full-length glass wall overlooking the Bangkok skyline. Fells just like New York or Hong Kong which are popular for killer views like these.

This is the place where I really can’t wait to be back for more WoW-worthy moments. Highly suggested when in Bangkok.

Compare the prices and availability for Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn Bangkok here: Booking.com | Agoda



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