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King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk: standing on a glass tray sticking out of a skyscraper in Bangkok (+video)

King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk surely spiced up this one evening in Bangkok. The first step felt like setting a foot over the edge of a skyscraper. But luckily – you don’t fall!

And just moments later the terrifying feeling is gone and it’s actually very cool to watch Bangkok from above as a tiny lego city.

If you’re looking for unusual things to do in Bangkok, standing on a perfectly see-through glass floor that’s sticking out of the side of Mahanakhon building, 2nd Bangkok’s tallest skyscraper and watching Bangkok skyline from above is really an extraordinary way how to enjoy this city.

So if you’re wondering about the whole King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk experience, tricks on how to get discounted Mahanakhon skywalk tickets and things you should know to have the best possible Bangkok skywalk visit…

Watch the video first and then keep reading this article!


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What to expect at King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk?

To reach Bangkok’s highest viewpoint that’s 1017 ft (314m) above the ground and the famous Bangkok glass floor your adventure starts already at the bottom of the Mahanakhon Tower.

To get up to the observation deck on the 74th floor and the to the very top where to skywalk is located you’ll have to take you’ll get to take a very fun elevator.

The walls of the elevator are actually video screens showing 360 views of Bangkok. That surely sets a mood for an adventure!

And I couldn’t believe how it took just seconds to get up more than 70 floors. WOW!

Bangkok skywalk indoor observation deck on 74th floor

If you’re afraid of heights this feels like a perfect place where to get used to the whole thing as you’re behind huge glass walls.

You get to walk all around the floor and enjoy Bangkok skyline that’s stretching as far as you can see in all directions.

I knew Bangkok was huge! But from the view that saw right upon getting out from the elevator – Bangkok seems endless.

They also have interactive screens of different sides of the floor where you can get more info about the places you’re looking at outside the windows.

You can apparently even download their “MahanakhonSkywalk AR” app.

You can only use it when you’re up there. Just point at the views through the APP and get info about the places in your sight.

While the indoor Mahanakhon observation deck was cool, we honestly just couldn’t wait to get up there to the skywalk.

So we skipped it on the way up and headed straight to the top, to come back here on our way down.

Bangkok skywalk indoor observation deck on 75th floor

This is a smaller version of the observation deck one floor below.

But this is where you’ll find the boarding area for hydraulic glass lift that will take you up to the skywalk.

A glass elevator 300 m above the ground with 360 views of Bangkok! That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

On top of the King Power Mahanakhon tower

Another short elevator ride or one more staircase later you’re up on the roof of the King Power Mahanakhon Skyscraper!

The air tastes different up here!

We got up there on a clear, sunny and hot day, so the windy breeze was like a perfect relief for all the heath.

But it’s a totally different feeling when you’re up here after dark. It gets chilly.

PRO TIP: If you’re planning to hang out on the rooftop after dark, bring a jacket. It’s always windy this high up and you’ll want to keep warm. The drinks at the bar help too, but a jacket will be nice. Trust me!

So these are the things you’ll find on the rooftop – a glass skywalk, the Mahanakhon Sky bar and the highest viewpoint in Bangkok that’s about 1020 ft (314 m) above the streets of Bangkok.

The Mahanakhon Skywalk

Honestly, the glass tray sticking out of the side of 2nd Bangkok’s tallest skyscraper is the most impressive one I have seen. It’s the biggest, most terrifying one of all I’ve seen.

The Seoul Sky skywalk on top of Lotte Tower in Seoul is so much higher (1821ft./ 555 m), but it didn’t feel half as exciting as The Mahanakhon Skywalk.

That’s probably because the Bangkok skywalk is open-air while the Seoul one is indoors.

And the glass floor in Bangkok skywalk is so clear and see-through that it really feels like you’re stepping over the edge of a skyscraper in the clear air.

To keep it clear and without any scratches everyone who gets one the glass is given plastic shoe covers.

And it’s also not allowed to hold a phone or camera once you’re on the glass floor.

The only way to take photos is if someone takes them from outside of the tray.

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King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk: standing on a glass tray sticking out of a skyscraper in Bangkok

The highest viewpoint at 314 meters

The last attraction is a few more steps up. It’s the absolute highest point of the building or “the peek”. Standing there is the “city version” of climbing a mountain and reaching the summit.

It’s such a cool feeling as you get to spin around and see unforgettable 360 views of the Bangkok skyline.

Mahanakhon Sky bar

We had a complimentary non-alcoholic drink included with our ticket so we visited the bar that’s right there on the roof.

There’s a selection of soft drinks as well as cocktails, champagne, etc.

The prices are pretty expensive. Expect to pay around 100 THB for soft drinks and around 500 THB for cocktails.

But hey! It’s such a luxury location and the views are epic so it’s kind of worth it!

A bonus activity: Mahanakhon Skyrides on the 1st floor

You’ll get to put on virtual reality glasses and fly through different sceneries, over city or mountains.

You’ll be avoiding obstacles on the way and will totally feel like you’re a hero in an action movie.

What a cool way to either kill time while waiting in the queue to get to the elevator or simply how to finish off the whole King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk experience.

The best time to visit King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk

The best time to come here is an hour and a half before the sunrise. Or make it 2 hours before if you have time.

Everybody knows the best time is sunset and therefore it gets crowded around them. Most people arrived an hour or 30 minutes before sunset and half of them usually miss it.

That’s because you can get up only by the elevator which means – a limited amount of people. So many visitors spend the sunset hours downstairs standing in a queue to get into the elevator.

So be smarter and get here 1,5 before as we did – no queues to get to the elevator and no crowds up on the roof. You get to enjoy this epic Bangkok glass floor all to yourself or with only a few other people around.

But during the sunset and right after dark the time on the glass skywalk gets limited to 10 min per person, so more people can get up there.

King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk ticket price

This experience is not cheap.

King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk Prices when purchasing online:
78 Floor – Skywalk Rooftop:
Adult Observatory & Rooftop (Ages 13 – 59): 836 THB
Observatory & Rooftop (Ages 3-12 and 60+): 250 THB

Mahanakhon Skywalk tickets can be bought on the spot but the prices will be higher there.
Mahanakhon Skyrides: 250 THB / person per flight (minimum height 1meters)

How to get to the Mahanakhon Skywalk?

It’s very centrally located in the heart of Silom. The best ways to get there are by taking a BTS Skytrain as the stop is right in front of the Mahanakhon tower entrance. Or take a Grab taxi from anywhere in the city.

Nearest Mahanakon skywalk BTS Skytrain station: Chong Nonsi

PRO TIP: If you’re all about unforgettable Bangkok experiences, combine this adventure with a visit to Bangkok’s epic Unicorn Cafe. It’s located across the street! Click here to watch our video The Unicron Cafe.

Visiting Bangkok's highest glass skywalk King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk