How to attend a red carpet event in Los Angeles

How To Attend a Red Carpet Event in Los Angeles

When you have just arrived from your awesome Los Angeles trip usually the most common question that you get asked back at home is “Did you get to see any celebrity?!?!?”.

And of course you should have as Los Angeles is THE SPOT for all the actors, musicians, reality stars, movie producers, well, basically everybody that you see on TV, in a red carpet even, follow on YouTube, Instagram or anywhere else.

Surely not everyone is into celebrities but let’s be real here – who wouldn’t feel even a bit excited by seeing a character from their favourite movie on the street? We all would.

How to attend a red carpet event in Los Angeles


In real life the chances that you will meet your favourite celebrity just walking on the street are pretty thin. Celebs doesn’t walk anywhere, nobody actually does in LA. People just drive places so you mostly don’t see them. You have to be very luck to accidentally have lunch at the same restaurant as your idol or go to the same coffee shop or gym.

So that you wouldn’t have to wander around endlessly through the streets of Beverly Hills mansions or to wait outside the top restaurants which only allows reservations for “special guests”, there is actually a much  better even guaranteed way how to spot a celebrity. You just have to attend a red carpet event for a movie premiere.

I’ll share our experience how we attended world premiere of movie “Doctor Strange” in Los Angeles.

How to attend a red carpet event in Los Angeles


When checking out things to do in LA I stumbled upon a website that had a schedule of upcoming movie premieres in LA. Luckily there was one scheduled for the week when we would be there – the world premiere of movie Doctor Strange.

I checked IMDB to see is it worth going there just to find out that such celebs as Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams, Tilda Swinton and Mads Mikkelsen would be there. Which girl wouldn’t wanna see a “Mean Girl” Regina George in real life and which guy would miss a chance to see Hannibal? We were up for a treat!


The website will indicate approximate start and the location of the event. However you can never be sure what time exactly all the juicy things will happen as the arrival of stars and other premiere guests takes for about 2 hours. Also if you want to make sure to get a decent spot from where you will be able to see all the stars, then it’s best to arrive few hours advance of the official time.

How to attend a red carpet event in Los Angeles

There’s usually a special fan zone available for first people who arrives. It means that you have to be in line early enough to be among first 100 or 200 people who will be allowed in the special zone with a good view of area where stars will be arriving with a possibility to touch them and get your something signed.

If you are up for this, then you should arrive about 6 hours in advance. It’s a long wait but also it’s an exciting experience. The feeling of being part of such event and seeing all the excited people around is definitely something you MUST experience in LA to really feel it’s cool and fancy taste.

Also if you work in Media, make sure to check out Media accreditation options. There’s always a chance to get inside the event as a photographer or reporter. Not a bad way how to combine work with fun, isn’t it?

How to attend a red carpet event in Los Angeles


The movie premiere was about to start around 6 in the evening and we had decided to organise our day around the Walk of Fame area just to be sure that we don’t miss anything since we didn’t know what to expect.

The movie premiere was to happen in Dolby theatre on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. This famous LA wonder is sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street with stars on them dedicated to famous singers, actors, even fictional characters and many more from entertainment industry.

How to attend a red carpet event in Los Angeles

That day the whole block in front of the Chinese Theater was blocked and covered with red carpet for the arrival of movie stars. We went to check out the location around 13:00 that day. Seeing a huge red carpet covered street was unreal. It felt pretty exciting and special to be in the place that soon will be broadcasted all over Internet and TV. I’m sure fans of the movie would go all crazy to see this live.

On the side of the street we saw about 50 people lining up and waiting for their chance to get into fan zone. Since the fenced area was huge and would fit many people we decided that we won’t wait in line but just come back one hour before the beginning and try to find a nice spot on any of the sidewalks.

It was just before 5 when we were back to the place. It was already pretty packed with people. There was so much more buzz going on inside the fenced area. Journalists, photographers and security was gathering to prepare for the start of event.

This preparation ended up going on for 2 more hours before first guests of the premiere started to arrive. The wait time passed very quickly though by watching all kinds of interesting people around us. Probably those who waited 9 hours wouldn’t say the same though.

How to attend a red carpet event in Los Angeles. Benedict Cumberbatch

The thing I was amazed about in LA but especially on the Walk of Fame was how extraordinary were the people everywhere around. We were passed by guys with long bright green manicure, girl with a real snake around her body, people dressed as characters from Suicide Squad and it’s all normal. You usually don’t see that in Europe so we enjoyed every minute of unbelievable diversity around us.

Finally we noticed that huge black cars starts to line up at the far end of the red carpet and people in the fan zone started to cheer. Our excitement suddenly grew for about 500%. Then we started to see first movie stars, directors and other important people arriving and going to pose in front of the bunch of photographers.

How to attend a red carpet event in Los Angeles. Tilda Swinton

We were lucky to be standing next to a paparazzi guy. He somehow always managed to spot the most famous people from very far away and to get firsts shots of them getting out of their cars. So thanks to him we knew when to pay more attention to see the good stuff.

We watched all the actors we knew to arrive and overall after almost 4 hours left the red carpet even with such an awesome feeling to just have experienced something so LA.

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