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Have you ever sent an email pitch to a hotel and never heard back? There’s actually an easy trick you can do, to increase your chances for like 90% of getting a reply from the hotel.

So how to know where and to whom to send your pitch, so that it gets considered and answered?

Watch this video or keep reading this post to find out.

When pitching a hotel for a partnership or a free hotel stay, it's important to know who do you talk to in the hotel. If you do this wrong, it might cost you the whole deal. So how to find the right person to contact and what's their contact information? Watch this VIDEO to find out! #travelblog #business

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This will stop you from getting a complimentary hotel stay?

There’s really nothing worse than putting in hours of work and sending out hundreds of pitches when building brand partnerships just to receive only one reply saying “No thank you!”. And hearing nothing from the remaining 99 of them.

It might have happened to me when I first started with hotel collabs.

When I look back to that now, I now know that a big reason for that is because I sent my pitches to a first contact email I could find on the hotel’s website.

And that’s the wrong way how to do it. If you don’t approach the right person, your chances of getting this hotel partnership are close to zero.

Here’s why!

Who’s the right person?

The person who you want to contact in the hotel for collaboration is a Marketing Manager.

These are the people who have decision power over what kind of promotion strategies will the hotel do and if they want to use travel blogger services to promote the hotel.

I was actually working in a hotel marketing myself some time ago, so that’s a bit of an advantage to be able to understand these processes from the hotels perspective as well as now from a bloggers perspective.

So your goal is to find the email of the marketing manager of the hotel.

How to find their contacts?

Your first thought might be to look for an email on the hotel’s website or social media.

But those emails are usually the general info emails, received by the reception.

And so if you send a pitch there, you have to be lucky enough that the receptionist who opened your email will actually forward it to the marketing. Lots of times it doesn’t happen like that.

So how to find the marketing managers email?

I find the quickest way is actually to find the hotel on FB or IG and send them a message like this:

“Hi there,

My name is Anete Ilmete and I’m the creator of TheTravelLeaf.com. I’d like to find out how can I contact the marketing manager of Hotel de Palms? 

Could you please provide me their email address? 

Thank you a have a great day!


Most of the times the hotel will reply with a direct email address to a person in charge of Marketing.

And boom – you have what you need! And it only takes a minute!

A Risky practice

I have seen other bloggers suggesting to search for a marketing manager of a hotel on Linkedin.

While it’s kinda true that you can find someone with a position Marketing Manager of Hotel de Rome on LinkedIn, you will never have a guarantee that the person still works there today.

And if you send an email to that person, it might go unanswered, if, for example, they don’t work there anymore.

So no point to risk it, plus LinkedIn search takes way more time.

Just hit the hotel up, ask them on social media..or if they by any reason don’t have FB or IG, you can email them the same text.


So there you have it! That’s how you find the right contact! Now it’s time to send that pitch.

Do you know what’s the best way how to start a partnership conversation with a marketing manager? Or which ones are the best hotels to approach?

Check out my YouTube channel for lot’s more information on how to land hotel partnerships as a travel blogger and way more about the travel blogging business.

And if you’re ready to work with your dream hotels around the world, I’ve written an eBook that includes everything you need to know to make it happen.


Have you had any experience with pitching hotels as a blogger? Share your experience and questions below so we can all learn from one another!