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Bustling and always vibing London: city guide


Visiting London England can be so overwhelming as there are so many things to do, food to try, places to see and shopping to do. So this guide is made to make it all easy. Find the neighborhoods you'll love and best things to do in them. #london #england #travelIt’s a city where masses of people everyday are flowing thru the busy streets passing tall glass buildings, past the historical royal looking monuments to the private houses lined up right next to each other, across the bridges that connects two sides of the city that are parted by river Thames.

They flow past the red phone booths outside cozy tea drinking places and black taxis drive by on the opposite side of the road. That’s London, a vibrant multicultural big city. With having a population of almost 9M people you can be sure that it’s huge enough for every expectation and has a lot to offer for all.

London is famous for its British charm, the unique British etiquette that you should get to know, red phone booths, Underground signs, also many magnificent historical sites, trendy fashion, great cultural options, nightlife, shopping and unbelievable variety of food.

London offers countless options for any traveler whatever their interests would be. I will share a list of my personal favorite things to do and see in London. First part will be 4 London classical sights but second part is something much more special.

So if you are visiting London for the first time you must definitely see following 4 iconic symbols of London:

The Tower Bridge – possibly the most photographed sight of London. You can walk across the bridge ad be amazed how impressive it looks close by however you also have a possibility to enter the bridge and learn more about its history if you’re into that. Getting inside also offers a great view of the city.

The London Eye – Europe’s tallest observation wheel which allows to experience breathtaking panoramic views of the city and all the famous landmarks. The wheel is great also for those with a fear of heights as you feel absolutely safe inside the locked capsule that takes you up to see the magic.

The Buckingham Palace – the home of British royal family. Once you have visited the Palace it’s very cool to see it later again in movies and think back how you very standing in front of those big gates trying to spot the queen thru the Palace windows.

Westminster bridge – once stepping on this bridge you will be surrounded with such iconic London landmarks as London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament. Interesting fact – the leather chairs inside the Parliament actually matches the green color of the bridge.


If you have managed to see all these places, you can consider to have covered the popular part or London. And now something more for the soul.

These are my favorite areas which makes London special in my eyes:

Shoreditch – when heading to this area look straight for Brick lane. It’s a hip and insanely cool street full of street art, stylish vintage boutiques, coffee shops of interesting design and the hipster fashion lovers all around. This is one of the very best examples among all European cities of an area where hipster fashion, arts and culture meets and blends together in something extra special. And graffiti on the buildings really adds to already cool vibe.

Check out our detailed Shoreditch guide here.

Camden – this is the area where all the rockers, hipster, too cool for school people, vintage lovers and down to earth people meet for a special shopping and chilling experience. Here you can shop for everything from punk clothing and piercings to vintage gear. The area has large variety of pubs, live music shows and a great nightlife.

Camden market offers amazing choice of food – Vegan, Pan-Asian, South American, European and of course you can find a British classics fish & chips there. Just imagine walking down the street amusing your eyes by the buildings with large shoes or human figures poking out of the walls while eating your favorite Columbian enchiladas. Surreal, right?

Leicester Square – a vibrant area to go for entertainment. It has many cinemas, restaurants and other kind of attractions. You will get a nice big city vibe by walking thru this area because hundreds of people will be rushing by you having you feel like one of the ants of their busy path. My favorite part of the area is Chinatown district where you should go for a great chinese meal and to get a fortune cookie to see what the future will bring you.

Notting Hill – You might recognise this name from the 90’s Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant’s famous movie with the same name and yes, it was really shot there. But there’s much more to this area. Head straight to Portobello road where you will see different bright-colored buildings lining up along the road. Reminds a bit of colors from Cuban streets. This view is definitely worth a visit. The road also is home of boutique and antique shops as well as Portobello Market, where you will find something interesting to bargain for, whether it will be clothing or an awesome souvenir.

Borough Market – This is the ultimate place for food lovers. Is so amazing because in the market you can see all kinds of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, hundreds of different known and unknown spices, olive oils, ciders and much more. The very best part is hot food stands where you can get a food variety from around the world starting from British favorite curries, fish and chips to Argentinian, Mexican, Indian, African dishes. It all looks amazing, smells amazing and tastes even better.

Hyde park – This enormous park in central London always has some great attraction to offer. The only condition is that you have to like being in a crowd to go there, because it’s always full of people. Since I like crowds I love Hyde park. During winter time the park hosts a magical Winter Wonderland – an area full of attractions, rides, ice skating ring and a Christmas market.

Being there guarantees a festive mood. Also during summer Hyde park hosts many awesome outdoor events.

Belgravia This area is known for its elegance in design. It’s a home of art and antique shops as well as sophisticated fashion scene. However I like this area for its beautiful, very English style buildings. It’s very interesting just to wander around the streets and be impressed by the classy and rich architecture.

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