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Best natural boost of energy when traveling – a bicycle

Best natural boost of energy when traveling - a bicycle

One of the truly greatest ways how to explore any area is to rent a bicycle and just ride around. It gives great opportunities to see different parts of the area which you wouldn’t reach on foot, public transport or even car (parking issues, heavy traffic etc).

Cycling as a mode of transport is relatively cheap as your only expense actually is renting the bike itself, no fuel or parking costs.

Cycling is also a great stress relief, helps to get over different health issues and is the most environment-friendly transport. It’s also a natural energy boost which is really useful when traveling. Plus at the end of the day you are in a bit better shape then you were before. So that’s a win on many different levels.

Make sure to also check out these tips on traveling green, to become an even more eco-friendly traveler. 

Cycling is a good idea pretty much everywhere in the world and for all type of travel – whether you are cruising through the city, going for an adventure to a wild area or strolling down the beach.

If you travel by car you might miss so many beautiful places by passing them quickly. Riding bicycle will give you benefit not to miss what’s around the corner plus you will be spending more time in fresh air.

Have you been worried that it’s going to be difficult to bike in a heavy traffic in an unknown city and that you have to be extremely careful not to hit a pedestrian if you’d choose to bike on the sidewalk? DON’T BE!

Many big cities have well-developed bike paths connecting most areas within the city. They are separated from motorized traffic and dedicated only to bicycles so you don’t have to worry about being hit by a car or to run over a pedestrian. If it’s a smaller city or remote area that you will visit and it doesn’t have a bike path, it probably also doesn’t have heavy traffic.

When renting a bike make sure to remember that all kind of bicycles doesn’t fit all routes. If you are taking a city tour then better to choose city-bikes or roadsters or very popular beach-bikes. Tires of a beach-bike are wider than city-bike which makes it easier to bike through sandy areas.

The geometry of this bike is designed in a way so that the biker wouldn’t get tired quickly and would be able to experience a comfortable ride on a flat surface to enjoy the surroundings. These bikes usually don’t have speed selectors so as much as you will be pedaling as fast you will go.

If the route you have chosen will be long and mountainous then it’s better to pick a proper mountain bike. These kinds of bicycles are meant for more active experience biking through mountains or forests. They have proper speed selectors that will help you bike properly and comfortably on a highway as well as on a narrow, uneven forest path.

So make sure to consider which type of bicycle will fit the best for the area that you will explore and enjoy the healthy and joyful experience that the day of biking will bring you!


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  1. Exploring the city with cycle is the best way to see a place. As no fuel and easy to park in unknown place. Also fitness is maintained while travelling as all daily routine is disturbed during travelling.

  2. I would love to cycle the cities I visit. I have been considering it for my next trips. More difficult with a child but still possible. Thanks for reminding me to check out if they have kids seats for my next trip

  3. I love the idea of renting a bicycle to explore a city or destination. It is a slow travel that lets you enjoy the view and stop when you want to take in the views some more. I love that this is a new trend! It is a healthy and eco-friendly way to travel too.

  4. Exploring a city on a bicycle is the second best option after walking. Totally love it. Like you said cycling is also a great stress relief. It’s ‘my quality time’ too. Makes me enjoy a city at a slow pace.

  5. You are so right. Ridding a bicycle is a great way to explore. Not only do you get exercise but like you said you can see so much more. I love how you can also stop easier and get to many places that would be difficult by car. I love how many cities are now adding bike lanes and making it much easier to explore on bike. It is definitely a great option while traveling.

  6. This is great advice! I love to hire a bike when I’m traveling. Some countries are much better than others. Like Europe is great as there are so many bike paths etc. I loved cycling in Mexico also as its very flat. But England is way too hilly in so many places. Here in Central America bike hire is cheap but the bikes are often very run down!

  7. I love this! I hadn’t really thought about the cities offering bike rentals for tourists. A bike is the best of both worlds – you see more than you would simply driving in a car, but can travel faster and farther than walking. We enjoy hiking for this reason.

  8. Cycling is a pretty good idea though I haven’t tried it much! I’ve seen a lot in London and Amsterdam! My guy rented one for a whole month when he was in Brussels! I’m yet to try it out!!! You’re also inspiring me now!!

  9. I’ve seen so many people cycling in the Netherlands, but they also have bike paths, they can even bring their bike in the train, to move faster from point A to point B. Just like you I think it’s very important that cities are bicycle friendly, because otherwise cycling can become particularly dangerous, especially if you don’t know the area. Yet it’s a clean and green way to explore!