Art Hotel with Personality: Hotel Altstadt Vienna, Austria


Art Hotel with Personality: Hotel Altstadt Vienna, Austria

I always thought that Paris is the most artistic city in Europe. That’s probably so because I hadn’t been to Vienna, the capital of Austria yet. And I hadn’t been to the queen of boutique hotels in Vienna, Hotel Altstadt Vienna.

The majestic architecture, tasteful cafes and what feels like millions of different art spaces all over the city takes my breath away in admiration. The art and sense of style radiates not only from art spaces, but also from the people. And the boutique hotels in Vienna! 

But how to pick the right place of so many good ones? Here’s the inside look into the one we picked.

Art Hotel with Personality: Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Hotel vibe

From the moment we walked through the front door of the Hotel Altstadt Vienna, we were captured by the tasteful design and decorations of the historic apartment building turned hotel.  

We could instantly see that the place has amazing interior designers who have thought of every smallest detail to make the place a design perfection. The Altstadt Vienna is home of considerable collection of contemporary art.

The concept of the Hotel Altstadt Vienna goes well with their slogan “Art of Hospitality”. This family owned place has been a creative work in progress for more than twenty years.

Each of the 45 guest rooms are dedicated to a special theme and a person. They are decorated with meaningful artworks, giving a unique sense to every room. In Hotel Altstadt Vienna you will always feel a different personality anywhere you are, as no two rooms are the same. 

Art Hotel with Personality: Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Although the hotel has a lot of valuable art objects and sophisticated decor, it is not a museum where you’re not allowed to touch anything. Hotel Altstadt Vienna is a great place for families with children as well.

“Altstadt Vienna is definitely much more than just a hotel!”

Keep reading to find out why…

What adds to the special artistic vibe is the fact, that there’s a personal story behind every artwork, every decoration and style element. People at the hotel radiates a very relaxed, creative and sophisticated vibe. That’s both, guests and the staff.

This is another reason why it felt extra special being there, as everyone was friendly and deeply respectful to one another. That’s the kind of environment that just feels perfect to be at.

The Altstadt Vienna Hotel is very centrally located in Vienna’s fashionable “Boboville” district. It’s just about 7 minutes walking distance from the Metro Station Volkstheater.

Art Hotel with Personality: Hotel Altstadt Vienna

The Sleep

Each room at the Hotel Altstadt Vienna has its unique vibe. That reflects in the sleep quality as well. For those, who prefer sleeping in their own bed over the impersonal hotel room, will love it here, as sleeping feels just like at home.

Art Hotel with Personality: Hotel Altstadt Vienna

The cozy atmosphere and perfection of details, such as cloud-soft pillows and blankets, makes guests feel the comfort and feeling of warmth.

There are no similar rooms in Hotel Altstadt Vienna…


The rooms of Hotel Altstadt Vienna are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. My room had a nice lounge area with a cozy chair in the corner next to a beautiful view of Vienna outside the large window.

There’s a coffee maker in the room, where it’s possible to make a cup of regular or decaf coffee for yourself. Also the drinking water is never a problem, as the tap water in the rooms are of great quality and drinkable at all times.

Art Hotel with Personality: Hotel Altstadt Vienna

The bathrooms are all in mirrors and well equipped with a shower and high quality toiletries from Malin+Goetz collection. There’s a shower gel, shampoo, hair balsam, body lotion, hand cream. You don’t have to bring your own, as it’s a real pleasure using their offered products.

Art Hotel with Personality: Hotel Altstadt ViennaThe Taste

Hotel Altstadt Vienna is very likely to be a food lovers paradise as well as art lovers favorite spot. Starting from a very juicy tangerines waiting for you in the room, to the free cake & tea afternoons and rich breakfast buffet, it’s a delightful experience, so as everything else over here.

Art Hotel with Personality: Hotel Altstadt Vienna

The first joy that we experienced in terms of taste was right after the check in when the cake afternoon started. Every day from 4pm – 6pm guests are welcome in the lounge/ bar area to have a delicious strudel or a tiramisu dessert with a selections of organic teas by Sonnentor and Kusmi, Paris.

The main role in the tea afternoon is to the dining room itself. It felt like the time is slowing down, while we sat there enjoying the treats without any care in the world.

There’s a possibility to play chess or enjoy the greatest art and design books. It’s also a  convenient place to work on your laptop or just relax with a glass of wine. A calm and pleasant atmosphere.

Art Hotel with Personality: Hotel Altstadt Vienna

The breakfast offer includes a buffet and a main course from a menu that’s different every day. For example, one morning I was eating eggs Benedict, another morning scrambled eggs.

All dishes for the breakfast are made from natural, local products and healthy ingredients. Every morning you have the opportunity to drink a healthy breakfast shot, which is a great energy boost for a new day.

Art Hotel with Personality: Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Staff & Service

The two most valuable things at Altstadt Hotel Vienna are the staff and highest quality of service. And surely, every interaction with hotel staff was so easy and pleasant. It seems like all the staff member genuinely enjoy working there and that’s a key to a perfect customer experience.

Hotel Altstadt Vienna really seems like a perfect boutique hotel in the heart of Vienna. No request is too hard for them, rooms feel like home, delightful food and attentiveness to the smallest detail makes it perfect. Guests here are definitely getting more than what you they pay for!

If someone will ever ask me to name some of my most memorable hotel experiences from all our worldwide travels, Hotel Altstadt Vienna for sure will be one of those that I will mention.

Ready to experience Hotel Altstadt Vienna yourself? Click HERE for availability and prices.

Art Hotel with Personality: Hotel Altstadt Vienna