The Travel Leaf is a travel and lifestyle blog created in Latvia and now continues all over the world. It's created by two friends and travelers. Each of us  have had a chance to visit many beautiful countries around the world so we have some good amount of adventures to share.

So here we are:


Hi! My name is Anete

I currently travel the world.

As social media usually speak more than any words, you can check me out on Instagram: aneteilmete.

I really enjoy travel, meeting new people, learning languages and getting lost in new cultures. I have a continuing need to learn and do something new all the time, to throw myself in the unknown so that's where this blog is coming from.

My professional background is banking and hotel business. I have also managed to get my Masters degree in European Economics, Politics and Law.

I am a self-taught blogger, website designer, photographer and social media marketing fan.

My main interest for quite few years has been traveling and that’s what I’ve been doing in all my free time. I really enjoy planning trips myself and I'd like to think I have got some skill over the years.

I really love sports and nature so I like going on adventure trips with lots of physical activities. Hiking, beach volleyball and snowboarding trips are always on top of my list. But I have also done many hoping around the city trips and weekend getaways. As long as it's travel, I go for it! Aw yeah, and my heart will always be by the ocean! My happy place.

Hi, I'm Gita. I'm originally from Latvia. I enjoy big city hustle and also watching sunset sitting under a palm tree on the beach.

I could live of only Dragon Fruits and Coconut Juice. Every day for me is like a new adventure. My love of traveling has recently changed my life for 360 degrees when I moved from Latvia to South East Asia.

Whether there's a short distance or long distance trip coming up, I always get super excited. The best feeling ever! Each newly discovered place, culture and people always gives me indescribable emotional fulfillment.

My professional work experience includes being advertising and marketing project manager in television, internet media and a publishing house. I have my Bachelors degree in Communication from University on Latvia with a specialisation in PR and advertising. I continue to improve my skills and experience in different digital marketing courses.

I have taught myself photography, web design, photo and video editing with only some pre-knowledge. I use all of that day by day to create this blog. I believe that everything is doable. The most important thing is to start something and stick to it. Sooner or later any dream will become reality.

My other 2 passions apart from traveling are painting and writing. These are the things that I never mind to spend time on. Both of those are important components to my emotional well-being. In remaining time I like to take care of my physical well-being as well. I sometimes get up early to go running which is extremely exciting to do in new cities where I have just arrived. On those days when I'm staying by the beach, yoga is my choice how to start the day.

We’d like to share our experience and give you some tips and inspiration to see how easy it actually is to plan an interesting trip yourself and go somewhere awesome without spending crazy amount of time and money. With this blog we want to make you laugh, make you inspired and just have you learn something new. We want to be your friends who might end up helping you to make your next trip lovely and even more interesting that they have already been so far.

In this blog you will have a chance to learn from our experience and mistakes, laugh with us about some weird and funny incidents. Hopefully you will be entertained and inspired to enjoy even more wonderful experiences that traveling offers.

And know this - there’s never been a better time to travel!