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Awesome to have you here!

We are Anete and Gita. 3 years ago we were living in Latvia, working 9-5 office jobs and felling uninspired in life. It just wasn't exciting!

Both of us always loved to travel. We didn't like the feeling when the last day of the vacation arrives and you have to return home to go back to the office.

So we teamed up, started this travel blog TheTravelLeaf.com, bought one-way tickets to Thailand and set off to travel the world and build our own business.

How did we come up with the idea to start a travel blog?

One weekend we met up for lunch and just started to talk about how awesome it’d be to be able to travel the world indefinitely. To never experience that “end of the vacation” feeling again.

At the time we had no idea know how to achieve that. So we decided that an exciting first step would be to start a travel blog and see where things go from there.

Now about three years later we have traveled all over Southeast Asia and lived in places like Thailand (on and off for about year and a half!), South Korea, Bali, France, Los Angeles, Mexico and more!

The Travel Leaf

We have tried awesome street food in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur chilled on tropical beaches in Cuba and Isla Holbox. We have enjoyed different cultures in Singapore and bargained like PROS in Marrakesh markets.

We've seen some unforgettable sunrises over lush green mountains and endless rice paddies in Vietnam.

Some of our favorite travel experiences have been epic road trips from California to Arizona, from French Riviera to the French Alps and more.

We have traveled across the world from Seoul to Los Angeles for a worldwide photo project - a dream job that doesn’t even sound real.

And that’s just the beginning.

The Travel Leaf

So if you are wondering about things like:

What are the coolest things to see and do in different destinations around the world?

How to plan a great and affordable trip yourself?

How to travel with style and find awesome boutique hotels?

What it’s like to be a travel blogger and how they afford to travel full-time?

How to take epic travel photos?

You are in the right place as these are the kind of things that we share in The Travel Leaf blog from our own experience.

If you just need some travel inspiration or you want to plan an awesome trip, or you want to become a blogger, we are here to help with all the info we have. Sharing is caring. 🙂

The team behind The Travel Leaf

We, Anete and Gita, know each other for more than 10 years now since high school.

With quite similar interest for travel we’ve been perfectly matching travel buddies and have taken a lot of trips together before starting The Travel Leaf.

The Travel Leaf

I, Anete was first working in hotel business back in Latvia and a bit in Greece, gaining an awesome 5* experience of hospitality business, hotel services, and marketing. Later I switched to banking and business system development.

At the same time, I got my Bachelors degree in International Business Management and a Masters Degree in European Economics, Politics & Law.

While doing all I always knew that I wanted to return to tourism and have a career that requires traveling the world.

I just didn't know how to achieve that.

Gita’s story is quite similar.

With a never-ending wanderlust for travel and a passion for painting, art, and style, she worked in Latvia as an advertising and marketing project manager in television, internet media and a publishing house.

She got a Bachelor's degree in Communication, PR, and Advertising.

But traveling was always the true calling.

The Travel Leaf

Turns out all it took to travel the world full-time was to leave everything we know and achieved so far with a couple of months worth savings in the pocket, to jump into unknown and risk everything. Easy, right? (It wasn’t!)

But as they say, everything is possible. So far it has proven to be the best decision we ever made!

When we started to travel, we didn’t quite know how to run a successful travel blog. But we're excited to learn about that every day. During the first months of travel, our lives changed for good. We discovered awesome talents we didn’t know we have.

So now, quite naturally we work as a team, Gita being the awesome photographer and author of all our photos on The Travel Leaf blog and Instagram. She also writes about our travels for Latvian media. Meanwhile, I have discovered a passion for website development, travel writing and geeking out about SEO stuff.

In our daily travels, Gita is more interested in photography, art, culture, and style while I love adventures like surfing, trekking and pushing my limits on any kind of adventurous activities. We are both such foodies, always looking to try new dishes anywhere we go. So by combining all of that, we get to share with you travel experiences from many different aspects.