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6 adventures you must experience in Morocco

6 adventures you must experience in Morocco

Morocco is the best destination if you are looking for adventures in combination with impressive nature. The country has it all – Atlas mountains, Sahara desert, Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. You can also find jungle paths with majestic waterfalls, labyrinths of Arab markets, abandoned cities and buzzing big city life. It has something for every taste.

I have had a chance to experience all these elements myself by road-tripping thru Morocco for two weeks. However, it wasn’t enough time to experience all. So if you have a longer time in the country, check out this 3-week Morocco itinerary for more awesome ideas where to go.

Here are the highlights of Morocco that you definitely shouldn’t miss when visiting the country.

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1. Spend the night in Sahara desert

If you are up for spending a mesmerizing night at the desert where you have nothing but incredible peace, quiet and sand dunes around you as far as your sight can reach, head to Merzouga. It’s a village located right by the Sahara Desert.

Camel ride across the yellow sand as far as your sight can reach and watching the sunrise on top of the 10 meters high wind-blown sand dune are an experience you must have in your life!

2. Go surfing in Agadir

Agadir is a city in the middle part of Morocco right on the shore of the Atlantic ocean. The area has perfect beaches for surfing with world-class waves several times a year. There you’ll also get a rare chance to surf empty waves as there are always new ones coming behind every corner of the coast.

If you want to experience living in a surfer village, have a relaxing yoga under the bright morning sun and catch a great wave in Atlantic ocean, then make sure to visit Agadir and nearby villages in the area. There are several great options to join surf schools and improve your surfing skills or learn it totally from zero.

Agadir might turn out to be the most chill and cool place you have ever been to!

3. Climb the highest mountain in North Africa

Morocco will give you a chance to push yourself to limits. Head out to Imlil to trek the rocky and snowy paths of Jbel Toubkal (Elevation 4,167 m/ 13,671 ft). This is the highest mountain of the High Atlas. You will have a chance to test your abilities and character in a two-day climb to the summit and down.

This climb is doable by trekking professionals as well as adventurers without any climbing experience. I represent the second group myself and totally loved it.

4. Swim in the underground river inside the caves of Atlas Mountains

For this experience head out to Win-Timdouine. It’s located 70 km north-east of Agadir, in the High Atlas Mountains. The network Win-Timdouine or “Cave of Lakes” is a monster underground accumulating almost 20 km of galleries of an underground river and rocks. This is considered the longest cave system in the continent of Africa.

Accompanied by local guides, you have a chance to climb rocks inside the mountain, see some friendly bats who are the main habitats of this area. You will also experience the adventurous feeling of crossing the underground river by swimming while wondering how deep it is or is it just a bottomless gorge filled with water.

5. Have dinner on Jemaa el Fna, the famous Marrakech square

If you are visiting Morocco, you obviously can’t miss the iconic Marrakech. Jemaa el Fna square is by far my favorite sight of the city. By day it’s mostly a big open space with a handful of surprising activities happening around you.

There are snake charmers bewitching their cobras with flutes, medicine men displaying and selling cures and nostrums, other men selling freshly squeezed bamboo juice. As the evening comes closer, the square fills up with people. It starts to look like a carnival/ an outdoor restaurant.

Many food stalls open up serving the craziest kinds of food. They vary from different slugs and bugs to nice soups, seafood, and other more common things. And it’s all delicious! In between the stalls you have fortune tellers, acrobats, musicians and different other entertainers.

6. Wander around the narrow labyrinths of the blue city of Chefchaouen

The feeling in Chefchaouen is just like you are in a magical movie and nothing around you feel real. It’s so thanks to the beauty of Chefchaouen’s mountainous surroundings and the contrast of the brightly painted medina (old town). The old town has a labyrinth of narrow streets with all the buildings painted in beautiful shades of blue and some other bright colors here and there.

The main square of the medina is great for having peppermint tea in a local cafe and some people watching. Afterward it’s worth to head up to the mountain on the side of the old town to have a great view of this colorful city from above.

I had my awesome experience in Morocco all thanks to GO4ADVENUTRE.travel. Check them out and go for an adventure of the lifetime!



  1. This blog post is wonderful, thank you! Such striking pictures and images of Morocco! I’d recommend these journeys for people nomadic to Morocco. Thank you once more for your Post, it’s made me hunger to visit the country even more!

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  3. thank you for your good Responses about morocco

  4. thakyou for your good Responses about morocco

  5. I feel so bad that all I spent most of my time in Casablanca and a day in Marrakesh. I completely missed all the fun stuff like sleeping in the Sahara, sand surfing and Chefchaouen… I did enjoy my time in Morocco and will definitely come back!!!

  6. Morocco looks so amazing. I loved your list; however, #1 was a deal breaker for me. My husband bought me a big fancy trip for Christmas one year (I had lijmited time off from my job) and we were going to be tied up 2 whole days to ride the camels into the desert to camp, which I hated the idea of, so I just cancelled it and missed out on my trip. Looks fun and definitely the thing to do in Morocco but just not for me. I missed out, huh?

  7. Is venturing out into the desert in an old Mercedes #7? I’d take it.

  8. Great tips and beautiful pictures. Morocco has always been on my list I’ll bookmark this for my visit. Thank you!

  9. Morocco sounds incredible! I love the images I see of the Sahara desert and Chefchaouen, I need to get this area of the world into my schedule soon

  10. All of these adventures sound like so much fun! Would love to visit Morocco and check them all out. Climbing the mountain, swimming in the caves and staying the night in the desert would be top of my list to check out!

  11. I was feeling a little less than tepid when I read your title. Must experience adventures in Morocco – puhhh. And then I began reading. Camel tours are expect but surf schools, cave swims and snow covered mountains were not. I am now totally psyched to go to Morocco. Really good piece.

  12. Wow, I didn’t know about all these incredible adventurous things to do in Morocco! I always wanted to visit Chefchaouen’ and Marrakesh but had no idea there were underground river, caves, and mountains too! Even more reasons why I want to go ASAP!

  13. I have done two on this list, well, I stayed in the Sahara in Tunisia and not Morocco. Does that count? And Chefchouen is an amazing city to get lost in. Its one of my favourites in Africa. I can’t wait to go back to Morocco, such an amazing country 🙂

  14. These are great tips. Morocco is somewhere I would love to visit.I’ll be coming back to this post when I do go there. 🙂 Tnx! xx

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