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Hotels that work with bloggers: 3 WAYS HOW TO FIND THEM

Have you ever pitched hotel as a travel blogger and got rejected? And what if your pitch was great, but you just approached the wrong hotel?

There’s significant importance of finding the right hotel for you to pitch for a collab otherwise it’s close to impossible to score that free hotel stay or a paid partnership.

But how to actually do that?

So you're a travel blogger who wants to collaborate with hotels? Did you know there are a few tricks that allow you to know which hotels are interested in partnering with bloggers for promotions, services - free hotel stays and even paid collabs? Find these tricks right here by watching this video! #travelblogger #business

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Finding the best hotels that work with bloggers

Let me be honest – getting any random hotel to work with you is not the easiest task.

And even more so if you don’t have a huge following.

So it’s important to find the ones that are your perfect match either in style or mindset so that you can create them the perfect content or help them reach their perfect target audience.

So with that being said – how to find the right hotels?

In short, the answer is – identify those who have a need!

TOP 3 methods

There are several ways and tricks how to do that but I will mention 3 that have been the most effective in my own experience.

1.The database

Which hotels do you think are more likely to agree on blogger collaborations?

The hotels that have worked with bloggers before and know the value of influencer marketing.

But how to find them once you’re ready to travel?

You have to make a list of every hotel collab you see on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest or blog by other travel bloggers.

That’s how I started out from the very first day of blogging.

I’d make an excel database, where I’d write down any hotel I’d see other bloggers and influencers mentioning that they collaborated with.

I’d list them divided by countries and cities, so that one day when I go there, I can hit them up and see if they are looking for a collab with a travel blogger again.

Sure, I’d pitch only those that match my style.

However, it’s good to write down all the hotels, like travel, personal and even photo styles tend to change.

So after two years, I was in the possession of an incredibly valuable resource of public information – hotels of all levers that have collaborated with travel bloggers.

This list, by the way, is available as a bonus with my book “How to pitch hotels for collaborations” where I talk about all of this in much more detail.

It’s a good idea to start your own list like that from this very day. A year from now you’ll be so thankful to yourself when you go on a trip to Paris, Bali or Marrakesh.

2.Googling disclaimers

Apart from the database, you can find hotels that work with bloggers from certain destinations by searching in Google – “all opinions are my own – London”. Instead of “London” enter any city that you want to find.

This works very well if you want to find the hotel review article that other bloggers have written in collaboration with hotels in different destinations. “All opinions are my own” is a commonly used disclaimer that bloggers add to their post to disclose the partnership.

3.Searching for recently opened hotels

Look for recently opened hotels in the destinations you’re interested in.

New hotels almost 100% need publicity and promotion at the beginning, so that’s a great chance to swoop in and take care of it for them.

How to find them?

Simply try googling “recently opened hotels in Paris” or “New hotels in Paris”. That will usually do the trick and reveal the list of new hotels in the destination you’re looking up.

Ability to find the right hotels brings you an advantage over everyone else who pitches hotels randomly.

So if you find the right hotel, you are more likely to land a hotel collab even if you do wrong everything that comes next – from looking for the right contacts to sending proper pitches with the right text.

And if you want to learn how to take all these next steps properly, here’s all the free info you need!