Creative Heaven Shoreditch, London

Shoreditch is one of London’s most unusual and colorful areas. It’s a creative heaven for artists and designers where a wide variety of beliefs and cultures meets. As soon as I took first steps along the street pavement of Shoreditch I instantly fell in love with this place.

Shoreditch is one of my favorite areas in London. The creative atmosphere that reigns here is indescribable in words. The greatest expression of art in the area is impressive graffiti on the walls of Brick lane and streets surrounding it.

Graffiti is done by many great street art fanatics. Artworks there sends some interesting messages and sets a very urban atmosphere around the stylish pubs, cafes and small vintage boutiques.


Shoreditch is located in East London and is very easily reachable by public transport.

In my opinion the most convenient way how to get around London is Underground tube (Metro). There’s a stop “Shoreditch” in the route of “East London Line”. That’s the one you need to go to.

Also if you are traveling from Victoria station which is the main, central spot for all public transport, then I’d suggest to take a District Line toward Upminster and get out in the stop “Whitechapel”. In this case you will not have to switch Metro lines and will be just a short 10 minute walk from Shoreditch.

You can get there easily also from any other part of the city. Just look in the London Underground map for a route that will get you on District Line and then switch trains to get to the needed stop.


This place is awesome, right? Keep reading what else you can do in Shoreditch!



Shopping in Shoreditch is nothing like shopping in any other area of London. From vintage-style boutiques, to the pearls by new fashion strivers, over there fashion and imagination knows no boundaries.


Starting from the most unimaginable range of street food, ending with super-delicious Arabic sweets, Shoreditch has it all. It also works for any wallet – you can find great and cheap Indian dishes or choose to spend a bit more in a stylish hipster place with the best atmosphere ever.

Our favorite finding was Dark Sugars Cocoa House . This place is heaven for chocaholics! Chocolate hills literally covers this place. One of the most delicious cups of coffees in London can be found at the Dark Sugar. You will choose your favorite type of coffee and baristas will add some freshly chopped chocolate right into your cup. This lovely work of art will make your taste buds tingle.


Shoreditch is widely famous for its entertainment options. To many it’s well known as the best party place in London. And it’s not for nothing. Several of the city’s best bars and clubs are hiding between the hip streets of Shoreditch.

Ranging from tiny nightclubs to alternative rock bars Shoreditch has something to offer even the most seasoned clubbers. Plus knowing that London in general is pretty expensive this area has some more affordable party options as well.

Arriving in Shoreditch on Friday night, you will not have to spend lots of time walking from place to place, looking for the real party. They have great parties everywhere. So you just have to pick the one to dive in. Just remember that most of the places are not open till early morning hours.

For those who loves to party until the morning sun comes up, check out this place  333 Mother Bar  which is running  full speed until dawn.

During our last trip to London, it turned out so that we spent New Year’s Eve in Shoreditch. The location was some cinema that was turned into a 3 storey exotic Latino night club just for the NYE

I was never imagining myself dancing to some Mexican rhythms over New Years in the middle of London’s most stylish area. This was definitely one of the most exciting and out-of-the-usual events where I have been to.

From my own experience I can admit that Shoreditch is the home of best parties and most interesting people from all over the world.