7 Tricks to Improve Your Airplane Comfort During a Long Flight

 Airplane tips during a long flight

Traveling to far away destinations is the most exciting thing ever! I know that for a fact!

However the long haul flight might be something that some people are not looking forward to so much. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you feel comfortable during a long flight until you land in your awesome destination.

1.Always take a scarf with you onboard

Usually airlines distribute some blankets and pillows to passengers in long-haul flights however exceptions can occur. You will never know when this exception will happen so better be prepared.

Also the cold conditioned air in the cabin can easily cause you catching a cold, even though you’d be flying to a warm destination. Ideally you should have your own light scarf that you can take and cover your neck, face or whole body to keep you warm at any time.

2.Skip the tight denim and wear comfy fitness leggings or sweatpants

Most likely you will spend your time during the flight in a seated position, unless you are traveling first class. At some point sitting starts to restrict the free blood circulation to your legs and tight pants will only reinforce that. As a result your legs might feel heavy and swollen after the flight.

Comfortable sporty style pants will not depress your legs and abdominal area though. Another plus for wearing sporty clothing is that it’s going to be much easier to change the sitting position for you and do some stretches during the flight.

Check out some of our favourite Airport Styles here to get your inspiration.

Airplane tips during a long flight3.Choose comfortable shoes

Make sure to wear sneakers or air-circulating flats that you will be able to take off easily when seated during long-haul flights. Your feet will feel much better in plane with shoes off. If you manage to do some walking around the plane, except to the toilets, walk with your shoes off. Your feet will thank you for that later.

4.Pick an air-circulating underwear

After a long journey you will feel much more fresh if wearing a breathing underwear. The best option is a natural cotton set that is not a synthetic and fuming to your skin. Another good option is a sports bra with climate control function or seamless underwear made of non-synthetic material. Don’t choose very tight underwear that will be pushed into your skin.

5. Intake the most important vitamins and minerals to boost airplane comfort

A great help to feel well during a flight is natural energy boosters – minerals and vitamins, which will make you feel rehydrated, replenished and more refreshed after a long flight. Since you have limited amount of things you can bring on the plane, there are special concentrates available, that include all the needed natural ingredients. It will help you feel rehydrated and more energised after a flight.

We’ve had a very good experience with Uppy!. They are soluble tablets made of natural minerals and vitamins. It’s a great hydration formulation in each tablet, whichis the main reason for feeling better after drinking it. You have to drink one tablet with a glass of water every 3-4 hours. The effect is amazing. No feeling tired of jet lagged after a long 12 hour flight.

6. Control your fluid intake

Fluid intake during the flight is very important, because the body tends to dehydrate. However you shouldn’t drink water or other fluid often and in large doses. If your body will consume too much fluid while in sedentary position, kidneys will fail to properly filter out the liquid, it will accumulate in the body and may develop swelling in your legs. Therefore it is better to drink often, but in smaller doses.

7. Don’t forget to stretch and do some exercises

If your flight is longer than 3 hours then occasionally make sure to get up and walk from one end of the airplane to the other. Circle your hand and foot joints, do not forget to stretch and flex the neck. Every occasionally stretching and moving around helps your blood circulation in the body. It also avoids tension in the muscles which can appear from sitting in the same position for a longer period of time.


These simple tricks will help a lot to make your long flight more comfortable! Enjoy it and happy travels!